How do you say teach a lesson in french?

Updated: 4/29/2024
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to teach a lesson (in a classroom context): donner un cours

to teach a lesson (you're angry at someone): donner une leçon (this is bound to be understood at least as a physical threat)

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The phrase "teach a lesson" in French can be translated as "enseigner une leçon."

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Q: How do you say teach a lesson in french?
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How do you say 'to teach' in French?


How do you say i teach in french?


How do you say in French Teach me?

enseigne moi

How do you say skating lesson in french?

patinage de leçon

How do you say to learn a lesson in french?

apprendre une leçon

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How do you say German is my favorite lesson in french?

German is my favorite lesson L'allemand est ma leçon préférée

How do you say had a violin lesson in French?

"J'ai eu un cours de violon."

How do you say lesson 3 starts in French?

leçon 3 commence is the phrase in french language. The translation is lesson 3 starts.

How do you say I teach on Monday in French?

j'enseigne le lundi