How do you say terminator X in Japanese?

Updated: 11/9/2022
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I can write it in romaji, although I don't know what it translates to.

Terminator X = Taruminataa Eksu

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Q: How do you say terminator X in Japanese?
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When was Terminator X born?

Terminator X was born on August 25, 1966.

What is the birth name of Terminator X?

Terminator X's birth name is Rogers, Norman.

What is the female terminator's name in terminator 3?

Kristanna Loken plays as T-X : the first on-screen female Terminator .

What is the Japanese word for x?

There is no 'x' in the Japanese language. You may, however say エックス (ekkusu).

Which actor links The Terminator and American History X?

Edward Furlong , although not in the first Terminator film , he was in Terminator 2 : Judgment Day as John Connor and in American History X as Daniel "Danny" Vinyard .

What is the strongest terminator?

Terminator [1984]Terminator 2: Judgement Day [1991]Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines [2003]Terminator Salvation [2009]Terminator Genisys [2015]Untitled Terminator 6 [2019] [reportedly a direct sequel to Terminator 2]

How do you say Lynx in Japanese?

riinkusu Said the same, spelt differently. x

Was terminator salvation the last terminator of the series thing?

It may or may not be. However, a website called The Terminator Files has a count down for T5. We're unsure if this is a movie, book, play, or a fanfic of somesort. However, it does say T5. Therefore, it could be the 5th Terminator movie.

How do you say hey in Japanese?

ooi! (Call this to someone) nee, (say this as you would say, 'hey, so, what did you think of blah blah?') x

Is it terminator salvation is terminator 4?

Terminator Salvation is the 4th film in the Terminator series .

In which movie did Arnold Schwarzenegger first say the line I'll be back?

the terminator

What is the giant terminator called off terminator salvation?

The giant Terminator in Terminator Salvation is called The Harvester.