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It may or may not be. However, a website called The Terminator Files has a count down for T5. We're unsure if this is a movie, book, play, or a fanfic of somesort. However, it does say T5. Therefore, it could be the 5th Terminator movie.

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Q: Was terminator salvation the last terminator of the series thing?
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Do you need to have seen the old terminator movies in order to understand the new Terminator Salvation?

Not that much, it would help but The last 3 took place in "The Past" when Salvation is during the future war (2018)

Who wrote the storyline for the Terminator 5 movie?

Unfortunately, the last Terminator movie to hit the silver screen was Terminator: Salvation, and it was the 4th installment in the Terminator franchise. As of yet, Terminator 5 has not commenced production. Right now, William Wisher is the writer who is working on the Terminator 5 script. It is not currently finished.

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