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How do you say thank-you in Portuguese?


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Obrigado! (if you are a man)

Obrigada! (if you are a woman)

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Obrigado (if you are a male) obrigada (if you are female)

Obrigado (if you are male) and obrigada (if you are female)

Thankyou translates as 'teşekkür ederim '

the spanish way of saying thankyou is gracias the spanish way of saying thankyou is gracias

To say thankyou in Chinese is si si . In Chinese the isounds like long e.

terima kasih or if you want to say thankyou again it's terima kasih lagi

Acknowledge what the gift is, say thankyou for the --------------. and say something about it that you like or how it will be helpful, anything positive, then say thankyou again.

the pronunciation is shoecahn

to say language in portuguese, you would say 'lingua'

Merci means thankyou Merci Beaucoup means thankyou very much

To say please, you actually say thanks. They are opposite to the english language. so, Please means thankyou and thankyou means please. i hope this helps

We can not answer your question because foolishly you have neglected to say what it is you want to say in Portuguese.

In Portuguese, turkeys say "glu glu".

How do you say with your lips in portuguese?

"Fuzzy"-and yes, this is the way to say it in Portuguese

Gracias is thank you in Spanish.

The answer to how to say thankyou in fijin is Vinakavakalevu

Thankyou in German is Dankeschön.

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Assuming you are speaking with someone in Portuguese: Please: "por favor" Thank you: "obrigado" Thank you very much: "muito obrigado" Don't mention it: "Não há de que"

they say gobble gobble in English but portuguese idk about that!AnswerThey say 'glu glu'

One in Portuguese is um

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