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gracias por tu comentario en mi foto

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Q: How do you say thank you for your comment in my picture?
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When you mom make a dinner or you what you say?

you just say thank you and comment on how good it's

How do you say I am great thank you how are you in french?

Je suis grand merci, comment vous?

How do you say Thank you and How are you in French?

Thank you in French is Merci. How are you in French is Ça va? or Comment ça va?. Thank you and how are you in French is Merci et ça va?.

How do you say do you like my picture in french?

comment trouvez-vous ma photo?

What does pc4pc mean?

All it means is picture comment 4 picture comment (pc4pc)

Why do people say 'you're welcomed' when you say thank you?

I think the phrase is "your welcome". They are responding to your last comment.

What is the french translation of thank you?

Thank you: "Merci" Thank you very much: "Merci Beaucoup". Or if you want a more sincere way to say thank you, you can use "je vous remercie", which is "I thank you", or "je ne sais pas comment vous remercier", "I don't know how to thank you."

How do you post a comment on the funny pictures app?

How do I leave a comment under a picture on FB the says comments I type it in and it doesn't stay there when I go to another page and come back to it it is gone and I have to retype it. I can post something in that space and it will stay but not under a picture. Thank you

How can you comment on your guy friend on his picture?


How you say how you say in french?

How do you say...? = Comment dit-on...? comment vous dites

What is 'thank you for your comment' in German?

Danke für deinen Kommentar.

What should i say when a girl said you look pretty wearing make up on?

You should say "thank you", even if you don't appreciate the comment. Also, say something nice to her, like "you look nice,too. :)