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Thank you: Takk
A little more formal: Tusen takk (it's like thank you very much).

Tack (thank you; pronounced 'tahk') or Tack så mycket (thank you very much; pronounced 'tahk zoh MEE-keh)

While 'tack' is generally translated to English as 'thanks', it is often used with many other meanings, sometimes distinguished only by intonation or context. Examples of other uses for the word 'tack' include: please, you're welcome, how may I help you?, goodbye. ---To the answer above
Totally rubbish. "Tack så mycket" is swedish, not norwegian (although it means the same). The first answer is correct. Your explanations are also incorrect. The word "Takk" has the same meaning as "Thank you" or "thanks" in english.

Thank you -Takk

Please - Vær så snill

You're Welcome -Ingen årsak

How may I help you - Hvordan kan jeg hjelpe deg? /Trenger du hjelp?

Goodbye - Hadebra/hadet
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Thankful in Norwegian is "takknemlig", but cross dictionaries and it is actually called grateful in Norwegian, instead of thankful. Some words in english are different else where, meaning they become totally different answers. So I hoped I helped.

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takk or tusen takk (for thank you very much)

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takk or takk skal du ha

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Q: How do you say thanks in Norwegian?
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