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el dia que tu casi moriste

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Q: How do you say the sentence the day you almost died in spanish?
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How can you ask what day it is in spanish?

¿Qué día es? = What day is it? ¿Qué día es hoy? = What day is it today? (Preferred Spanish sentence)

Is the feast day of a saint the day they became a saint?

It may be the day they died (became a saint) or it can be almost any day. There is no firm rule.

Use a sentence with the word commemorate?

On Memorial Day, we commemorate those who have died in war.

How can you use testy in a sentence?

The testy boy that pestered you almost every day had finally moved to another state.

How do you use commemorate in a sentence?

On a Memorial day, We commemorate those who have died.

Who is Katrina In day Of The Dead?

Katarina in the 'Day of the Dead' of Spanish culture is the first spanish queen who died. She is now celebrated and remembered dearly every year at the end of October and the first and second of November. (Day of the Dead, All Saint's Day, and All Souls' Day)

Can you make a sentence with the word misfortune?

I have had misfortune all day due to my grades. or i played the game and it was almost like i had misfortune

How do you use the word tall in a sentence?

The girl was very tall and muscular because she practised sport almost every day.

How many Americans died in the first wave at D day?

Almost 4,000 Americans died in the first wave, mostly on Omaha Beach.

What does 'Como te fue hoy' mean in English?

The Spanish phrase Como te fue hoy in English means how was your day. Spanish is spoken in almost every Latin American country.

Active in a sentence?

Jimmy was quite fit for his age and remained active right up to the day he died.

How do you answer que haces durante la clase de espanol in English?

les martes estudio espanol-on a monday i study spanish it can be any day hope i helpeddd(: