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les chaussures

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How do you say shoes in French?

shoes = chaussures :)

How do say shoes in french?

les chaussures

Say high heeled shoes in french?


How do you say basketball shoes in french?

les baskets

How do you say lovely shoes in French?

Belles chaussures.

How do you say the black shoes in french?

les souliers noirs

How do you say black shoes in french?

les chaussures noires

How do you say i love your shoes in french?

J'adore vos chaussures!

How do you say I love shoes in French?

J'adore les chaussures.

How do you say pretty shoes in French?

de jolies chaussures.

How do you say i like shoes in french?

J'aime les chaussures.

How do you say in french 'he has black shoes'?

il a des chaussures noires

How do you say ballet shoes in french?

une ballerine or chaussure de ballet .

How do you say The shoes are in the sale in French?

les chaussures sont à vendre

How do you say woman's fashion shoes in french?

Chausures Fashionists des femmes

What are famous French shoes?

The most famous designer of French shoes is Christian Louboutin. He has a line of shoes popular with French women.

How do you say the word 'guy shoes' in French?

des chaussures d'homme

How do you say tennis shoes in french?

des tennis (not specific pair) or les tennis (specific pair) or mes tennis (my tennis shoes)

How do you say Wide shoes in french?

De grandes chaussures. Or Une grande pointure. (size)

How do you say 'I have some orange shoes' in French?

j'ai des chaussures orange.

How do you say I need football shoes in French?

J'ai besoin de chaussures de football.

How do you say cleats in french?

cleats (metal or plastic parts you have under the sole of sport shoes) are called 'des crampons' in French. Hence shoes designed for soccer or rugby are sometimes called 'des chaussures à crampons"

How do you say high top sneakers in french?

des baskets montantes. Snreakers are called basket in French because of their first use as basket ball shoes.

How do you say Christmas stocking in French?

They don't use stockings in France. They use shoes called "Les Sabos".

How do you say put on in french?

to put on (an article of clothing) -> mettre We are putting on our shoes. -> Nous mettons nos chaussures.