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Bitmanna esmaa mennak ariban

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Q: How do you say the word i hope to hear from you soon in Arabic?
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What is the Arabic word for Inn or Hotel?

in Arabic it's called funduq or nuzl though you may hear in Egypt lokanda (it's dialectal)

What does domani mean in Arabic?

Did you hear this word in a north African country ? Domani in Italian means tomorrow.

Where can you find translations or definitions in Arabic language?

You can find Arabic definitions at: You have to type in the word in English (i.e. SUGAR) but the definition comes up in Arabic. You need to be able to read the Arabic language. Hope this helped!

Is the word hospital an Arabic word meaning house of medicine?

Hospital is not an Arabic name, it is in English language, which is the place were doctors help patients to get treatment which keep them in a healthy state. hospital in Arabic means : Mostashfaa written as : مستشفى Hope this helps :)

How do say Egypt in Arabic?

"Misr" is the Arabic word for Egypt. Hope this helped!

What is the Arabic word for cars?

The Arabic word for 'cars' is saiarat and the Arabic spelling is سيارات.

Use the word license in a sentence?

I hope to receive my driver's license soon.

What is the Arabic word for malls?

the arabic word for mall is veishnou

What is the Arabic word for bread?

the Arabic word for bread is khubz.

What is the Arabic word for island?

The Arabic word for island is "Shesara"

What is the Spanish word for Arabic?

The Spanish word for Arabic is "árabe".

What is the Arabic word for sky?

The Arabic word for sky is assamaai