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Están leyendo. Or just "ellos leen."

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Q: How do you say they are reading in spanish?
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How you say reading in spanish?


How do you say what you reading in spanish?

¿Qué lees?

How do you say what are you reading in Spanish?

¿Qué estás leyendo?

How do you say the phrase 'I am reading' in Spanish?

estoy leyendo

How do you say She is reading in spanish?

Ella esta leyendo. :)

How do you say good reading in spanish?

buena lectura

How do you say I hate reading in Spanish?

You would say "Odio leer," which is literally 'I hate to read', but that's how they would say it in Spanish.

How do you say 'i will begin the reading' in spanish?

'Comenzaré la lectura'

How do you do say reading in Spanish?

leer is the infinitive, so ya

How do you say 'I am reading' in Spanish?

Estoy leyendo.

How do You say reading class in Spanish?

clase de lectura

How do you say in spanish we are reading the novels?

Leímos las novelas.