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In Irish it's "An bhfuil an t-ádh ortsa?"

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Seo é mo lá ádhúil

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Q: How do you say this is my lucky day in Gaelic?
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How do you say lucky woman in Gaelic?

lucky girl is "cailín ádhúil" in Irish; Scottish Gaelic: ...

How do you say of the day in Gaelic?

'Of the day' is an Lae in the Irish language.It's an Latha in (Scottish) Gaelic.

What does lucky mean in Gaelic?

"Lucky" is an English word and therefore doesn't mean anything in Gaelic.

What is the Gaelic for lucky?


How do you say the word of day in Gaelic?

irish: focal an lae

How do you say 'this is the day' in the Gaelic languages?

Seo é an lá. (Irish)

What is the Scottish Gaelic for lucky?

In Irish, duine ámharach or ceann ámharach In Scots Gaelic: ..........

How is 'lucky enough' in Gaelic?

ádhúil go leor

How do you say happy father's day in Gaelic?

Lá na nAthaireacha Sona Duit

How do you say beautiful day in Scots Gaelic?

'S e latha brèagha a th' ann! (It's a beautiful day!)

How do you say Bryghun in Gaelic?

No Gaelic version.

How do you say soccer in Gaelic?

it is keltoi in Gaelic