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How do you say tongue in Spanish?

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How do you say Amsterdam in spanish?

Same way you say it in English only you use a spanish tongue.

How do you say mother tongue in Spanish?

You say la lengua madre.

What is the Russian word for game?

eegra -when you say it you should roll your tongue when you say the r like how spanish people roll their tongue when they say r's.

How do you say cute boy in Spanish?

Many Spanish speaking girls have been heard say the phrase 'cute boy' in their native tongue. In Spanish this phrase is 'chico lindo'.

How do you say rosh hoshanah in Spanish?

You say it exactly the same as Rosh Hashanah is in the Jewish tongue. In Spanish it would be said Año Nuevo Judío.

How do you say cow tongue in spanish?

lengua de vaca (LENG-wah they BAHcah)

How do you say Raymond in Spanish?

Raymond but with an accent like (rah-mon) but roll your tongue

How do you say idoim in spanish?

'idiom' in English = genio de una/la lengua 'idioma' in Spanish = 'language. tongue', of course.

How do you say in spanish has the cat got your tongue?

¿Ha conseguido el gato la lengua?

Spanish word for tongue?

The tongue = la lengua

How do you say licker in spanish?

licker (someone using their tongue) is 'lamedor' liquor (whisky, etc.) is 'licor

What is tongue in spanish?


Where say hello by the tongue?

You say hello from the tip of the tongue.

How do you say 'remove your tongue ring' in Spanish?

Remueve tu anillo de la lengua.

How do you spell tongue in spanish?


What does lengua mean?

Spanish for tongue

How do you say red car in Spanish?

Carro rojo. You have to roll your tongue on the R's and the J in rojo sounds like an h.

How do you say Friday and spanish?

The word for Friday is Spanish is Viernes. Say a V. Start to say a V. Now with your front teeth over your bottom lip like you would say an English V say a B. That is a Spanish V. Say an e as in Me. Say a d. You flipped your tongue forward. Now try that backwards. That is the Spanish R. The nes is like in English. The e is like the a in the article a as in a man. I hope that helps.

What is the mother tongue in Panama City?

Spanish is the mother tongue but many do speak English.

How do you say tongue in Japanese?

"Tongue" is 'shita' in Japanese.

What does Te comiรณ el gato la lengua hermana in Spanish?

This is the Spanish version of "Cat got your tongue?" It means, "Did the cat eat your tongue, Sister?"

Which word in English has the same sound as the r in Spanish when you say Marรญa?

r's in Spanish are formed totally differently by a person's tongue than r's in English. In Spanish, the tip of the tongue touches the roof of the mouth. In English, it touches the bottom front teeth. The closest I can think of to getting a word that forces your tongue into the shape you want would be something like "tree" or "dry". T and D start at the roof of the mouth, so the combination means you form the r at the roof or you mouth, too. Compare the way you say "tree" to the way you say "free", and you'll see what I mean about tongue position. If you can mimic the way you say the "r" in "tree" while saying "Maria" you'll get the right sound. :) Sometimes people compare the Spanish simple 'r' to the two 't's in the word 'little'.

What is the largest country where spanish is the official tongue?


What IS the most difficult tongue twister in spanish?

There are many, but try this:Tres tristes tigres tragaban trigo en un trigal (say it fast)

In spanish how do you roll your r?

Stick your tongue a little bit behind your two front teeth, in the spot just before your gums go dramatically upward. leave some space so that the tongue can move. then say "eerrrrrr" and let your wind move your tongue. its not something everyone can do