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Eres loco

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Q: How do you say you're whack in Spanish?
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How do you say take youre time in spanish?

Tómate tu tiempo.

How do you say youre 5 foot in spanish?

Tu tienes cinco pies de altura

What is a whack and Why do you say something is out of whack?

A whack refers to a hit or strike with force. When we say something is out of whack, we mean that it is not functioning or working properly. It signifies a state of imbalance, inconsistency, or disruption from the norm.

How do you say I am not a dog youre a dog in Spanish?

Yo no soy un perro, tú eres un perro (enunciado enfático).

How do you say youre the only one to me in Korean?

youre the only one for me

How did you say by in French?

aurevoir (if youre saying bye) par(if youre saying by like if youre writing a story)

Can i say 'don't add hypocrisy to youre long vacuous list of human failings?

Yes, but youre is properly spelled "your".

What do you do if a guy asks if youre OK and youre not?

just say you are not okay and he will ask you do you need any help, then pour yourself out to him.

When was Whack Records created?

Whack Records was created in 2003.

What are the three synonyms of knock?

you ca say tap, smack, stroke and also whack to some extent.

How to say youre welcome?

You just said it yourself. If you want to say it in another language, you need to say which one.

What does mr criminal tattoos say?

most likely, they say youre of questionable intelligence, youre a wannabe, or youre the real deal. i wouldn't get gang ink of the continent youre on or plan to travel to. cops and people will see and recognize them, and treat you accordingly. otherwise, wrecking balm them. gang ink will stop you cold if you go legit, if people can see them.