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Apni chai.

Pronounced: Apni is said like up-nee, and chai is pronounced as cha-ai.

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You can say "তুমি চাও" in Bengali, which translates to "you want to."

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Q: How do you say you want to in bengali language?
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How do you say i want to hug you in bengali language?

In Bengali, you would say "তোমাকে আঁকা চাই" which transliterates to "Tumake anka chai" to mean "I want to hug you".

How do you say son in the language of bengali?

ছেলে is the writting of the language Bengali, but the English letters are :Chēlē

How do you say hope in bengali language?


How do you say I am learning bengali in B engali language?

You can say "আমি বাংলা শিখছি" in Bengali, which translates to "I am learning Bengali".

How do you say pee in bengali?

You want to know how to say pee in Bengali? Here's how you say it: Mutoo or Hishu

How do you say hug me in bengali language?

To say "hug me" in Bengali, you can say "আমাকে আলিঙ্গন করুন" (pronounced: amake alingon korun).

How do you say where you stay in bengali language?

apni kothae thaken

How do you say I want a hug in bengali?

You can say "আমি একটা আলিঙ্গন চাই" (Ami ekta alingon chai) in Bengali, which translates to "I want a hug".

How do you say will you marry me in bengali language?

tumi amake bhia korba

How to say please do not leave in bengali language?

doya kore jaabenna.

How do you say you are great in bengali language?

"You are great" can be translated to Bengali as "আপনি অসাধারণ" (pronounced: apni osadharon).

How do you say i love you in Bengali language?

Bengali - Ami tomAy bhAlobAshiBengali - Ami tomake bhalobasigood luck! :)