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How do you say your-welcome in portuguese?

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to say you're welcome you would say 'de nada'

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How do you say her in Brazilian portuguese?

You say ela (long "e"). Or you can type "translations" in and click the 1st website that pops up which i think is yourwelcome

How do you say thankyou and yourwelcome in spanish?

gracias and de nada

How do you say i will find you in Scottish?

odo se en Scottich Yourwelcome odo se en Scottich Yourwelcome You would say 'I will find you' since most people in Scotland speak English.

How do you say language in Portuguese?

to say language in portuguese, you would say 'lingua'

How do you say yes in Portuguese?

to say yes in portuguese you say "se"

How do you say in portuguese?

We can not answer your question because foolishly you have neglected to say what it is you want to say in Portuguese.

What do turkey's say in Portuguese?

In Portuguese, turkeys say "glu glu".

How do you say With your lips that is so tempting in Portuguese?

How do you say with your lips in portuguese?

How do you say fuzzy in Portuguese?

"Fuzzy"-and yes, this is the way to say it in Portuguese

How do you spell yourwelcome in french?


When was a videotape invented?

1996 yourwelcome

What do turkeys say in Portuguese?

they say gobble gobble in English but portuguese idk about that!AnswerThey say 'glu glu'

How do you say one in Portuguese?

One in Portuguese is um

How do you say garbage in Portuguese?

the Portuguese for garbage is 'lixo'

How do you say meal in Portuguese?

meal in portuguese is refeicao

How do you say boyfriend in Portuguese?

namorado in Brazilian portuguese

How do you say hugs in Portuguese?

Hugs in Portuguese is ABRAÇOS.

How do you say Happy Christmas in Portuguese?

Feliz Natal is how you say Happy Christmas in Portuguese.

Should you say translation into Portuguese or translation to Portuguese?

you should say "translation into" another language.

How many Neutrons have osmium?

114 yourwelcome

How do you say choices in Portuguese?

"choices" means "escolhas" in portuguese.

How do you say starters in Portuguese?

The same as "beginners"? = "iniciantes", in Portuguese.

How do you say tornado in Portuguese?

tornado in Portuguese is tornado too

How do you say wives in Portuguese?

Wives translates to "esposas" in Portuguese.

How do you say i speak Portuguese in Portuguese?

Eu falo português.