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Remove her bra and undewear until she feels slightly hot then ask her if she understands the concept of apples also peck her on the kneck

Extra Tips: Grease her face using industrial paint thinner and then proceed to do the above, this results in a much more enjoyable ride on the rollercoaster.

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How do you seduce a older lady?

the same way you seduce a younger lady.

How do you seduce a indian mature women?

With care, due regard and gentleness. Come to think of it that is about right for any lady.

Meaning of seduce?

meaning of seduce me

Can you give me a sentence for the word seduce?

She used the promise of her body to seduce him. The lure of easy money was enough the seduce her to do his will.

What does seduce my mind you can have my body seduce my soul and I'm yours forever mean?

seduce my mind means be decent on the showing but seduce my soul means you are pure! You are mine ... Answer and I am yours!

How do you seduce a teen girl?

YOU don't they seduce you p.s: just for asking your a loser

How do you seduce a girl of age 16?

you cannot "seduce" her. you have to wait until she is readyy. :/

How can you seduce people to vote for you in an election?

the word you are looking for is "persuade" not seduce, and you can do it by using rhetoric and politics

How do you say seduce the liar in spanish?

seducir el mentiroso/la mentirosa = to seduce the (male/female) liar (pronounced 'saydooTHEER ell menteeRAWsaw/la menteeRAWsah') seduce el mentiroso/la mentirosa = seduce the lair! (pronounced 'sayDOOTHay etc.')

How to seduce a black guy?

The same way you would seduce any male - the race of the male makes no difference.

What are the release dates for Seduce Me - 2010?

Seduce Me - 2010 was released on: USA: 25 May 2010

What rhymes with excuse?


How do you seduce a gal?

with money

What to do to attract spiders?

Seduce it.

How can you seduce your doctor?

i wouldent

How do you seduce an woman?

eat her.

What is the adjective for seduce?


How do you seduce a guy in 11th grade?

Well it's not exactly good to want to seduce a guy in 9th grade.

How do you seduce a boy and make him happy?

Just be yourself , you dont need to seduce a guy just to make him like you.

What are the release dates for How to Seduce a Woman - 1974?

How to Seduce a Woman - 1974 was released on: USA: January 1974

What are the ratings and certificates for How to Seduce a Woman - 1974?

How to Seduce a Woman - 1974 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

How do you seduce a woman?

In order to seduce a woman you need to understand women and be on the same wavelength as them, see things from their point of view.

What actors and actresses appeared in Seduce Me - 2010?

The cast of Seduce Me - 2010 includes: Isabella Rossellini as Herself - Host

How do you seduce boy to be gay?

You don't seduce him to be gay. Let him make up his own mind. If you try to seduce him, he won't want to be around you. And if you succeed, chances are he'll hate you for lying just to get him into bed, and tell everyone what you did.

How do you make wife come?

seduce her

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