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When you are in your monsters room click on the View Profile button, just above where your mood is shown, and you'll be able to edit your profile.

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2011-02-17 21:40:38
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Q: How do you see your monsters separate profile on moshi monsters?
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How do you see your moshi monsters profile?

You can see your moshi's profile by being in your own house and nowhere else. There is a bar at the side and at the top it shows view profile or something like that. Click on it and enjoy!

How do you go to someones profile on moshi monsters?

You need to visit the monsters room and then, to the left above mood, you'll see a button which says view profile.

How do you tell your monsters favorite color on moshi monsters?

You have to go home, then, on top of the health and all of that you will see "view profile". Click that.

How do you get tingtling in Moshi Monsters?

See has not been released set on moshi monsters

How do you show people your favorites on moshi monsters?

From your room, above your monsters mood you will see the view profile button. Click this button to view your profile. From here you can choose an answer for each of the questions and other monster owners will see this when they click you in Monstro City.

What is the Moshi Magazine website?

You can purchase the Moshi Monsters Magazine through the Moshi Monsters Store on the Moshi Monsters web site. See Related Links.

How do you see your monster's profile on Moshi Monsters?

there's this little bar thing at the side and it says view profile if you click on that it will come up.When you are in your room, above the Mood icon, it says view profile.

Were do you see your monsters favorite food on moshi monsters?

you can not see what it is any more because of the new profile layout. But if you can still remember what it is, you can generally buy it at gross-ery shop. And Also, one thing, I bought my Monster's 'favourite' food but it hated it and spat it out! add--> Pipdoggie<-- on Moshi Monsters :D

How do you talk to other monsters on Moshi Monsters instead of the pinboard?

You might see them on the street and your monsters might talk. You can also post on the Moshi Monsters Forums to talk to other Moshi Monsters members.

What is the code to catch ecto on Moshi Monsters?

if u want to get ecto, see the forum of moshi monsters.

Can you get Moshi Monsters membership cards in Washington?

You can find a full list of Moshi Monsters Membership Card stockists on the Moshi Monsters website. See related links.

Why can't you see my comments on moshi monsters?

You can't see your comments but other monsters can!

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