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You can sell it on eBay, attend a coin show and offer it to many dealers, You can run an add in the local newspaper, You can sell it in a numismatic news ad. Or sell it to a relative. Type your answer here...

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Q: How do you sell a 1970 s proof set that has no s on dime?
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Is my 1970 mint set rare. it does have the dime without the s on it you have been told its rare?

A 1970 Uncirculated Mint set would not have a dime with a "S" mintmark, only a Proof set will have a dime with a "S" mintmark for that year, so no your mint set is not rare.

What is a 1983 no s dime proof set worth?

August 21, 2009 The 1983 no "S" dime proof set has a value of $1000.

What is a 1970 S proof set without the 'S mint mark on the dime worth?

As of 12/2008, Numismedia quotes the fair market value (FMV) at $1310.00

1970 proof set what is its value?

Which country are you referring to? A UK 1970 proof set (last of the pre-decimal issues) can be bought for around £15-20.

What is an s mint mark on a 1970 dime?

It means you have a proof dime that was struck at the San Francisco Mint. If the coin isn't in its original protective packaging, someone broke up the set and spent the coins. Unfortunately when a proof coin is taken out of its package and exposed to other coins its value drops to only that of a normal circulated coin.

I have a 1968 dime with no mint mark. How do I know if it is just a Philadelphia dime or a s no s mint mark dime?

To determine if your 1968 dime is a regular Philadelphia mint issue or a rare "No S" mint mark variety, you will need to examine the coin under magnification. Look at the area below the center of Roosevelt's neck to see if there is a visible "S" mint mark. If there is no mint mark present, it could be the valuable "No S" variety. It's recommended to consult with a professional coin dealer or grading service for a conclusive authentication.

How much is a 1981 US proof set that has all 6 coins with S mm worth?

Average current value for an 1981 proof set is about $8.00. The 1982 proof set is the year that is known for the dime to be missing the mintmark.

1970 proof set value?

Currently is worth about $7.00.

1970 US proof set?

Currently, the retail value is about $9.

What is the value of a set of coins 1970 penny a 1970 nickel a 1970 dime a 1970 quarter and a 1969 Kennedy half dollar all uncirculated?

$15 to $50 depending upon the variety.

What does the 2001 US mint proof set include?

The set has all 5 State quarters a Sacagawea dollar and the half, dime, nickel and penny.

What is a 2010 dime worth?

They are worth 10 cents. There is no collector value to a new coin unless it is a proof set or an error.