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Try eBay, there isn't much that cant be sold on their website.

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What is the weight of a stapler?

The weight of a stapler can vary from a few ounces for a small stapler to 5 pounds or more for a electrically powered stapler.

Where might one purchase a stapler style slot punch?

A stapler style slot punch can be purchased at any office supply store. Staples and OfficeMax both sell these items. They can also be purchased from Amazon.

What is a personification for stapler?

The stapler snapped at the paper

Why is there a spring in a stapler?

It is to hold the stapler from drop down on the floor or to let's the stapler thing not to drop

What is the disadvantages of using stapler?

Sometimes a staple can get jammed in the stapler. It also can get stuck while refilling the stapler.

Why is a stapler called a stapler?

because it staples with staples.

What is the centimeter for a stapler?

That depends on the stapler you cant work that out if you havent their be all different sizes seen the stapler

What was the first stapler made out of?

the first stapler was made of metal

Who invented the stapler and when?

Samuel Slocum invented the stapler in 1841

How long is a stapler?

the averge stapler is about 7 inches poopsy

How do you staple papers if the stapler is too small?

Get a bigger stapler

What do you know about a stapler?

I know that a stapler does not for part of a staple diet.

How do you say stapler in German?

hok dong dong

What object has an acute angle?

the answer is a stapler a stapler has an acute angle

How much does a stapler weigh in grams?

A stapler may be made of plastic or maybe metallic. An average stapler weighs 228 grams. When expressed in pounds the average weight of the stapler is 0.502654.

How do you say a stapler in french?

A stapler is called 'une agrafeuse' in French.

How long does it take to make a stapler?

it take 5 hours to make a stapler

Does a stapler weigh 200 kilograms?

Not likely. That would be a 441-pound stapler!

Is a stapler a class 2 lever?

yes a stapler is a type 2 lever

What state was the stapler was invented?

The stapler has been around for quite a long time now. In the related links box below, I posted the wikipidia article on the stapler.

What is a stapler used for in plumbing?

I have never seen a stapler used for any plumbing purpose.

What is the golden stapler in office jerk?

It a Golden Stapler, it's just thrown different

How many syllables does stapler have?

The word stapler has two syllables. The syllables are sta-pler.

What object of Dwight's did Jim put in Jello on the TV show The Office?

a stapler

Is a stapler a conducter of electricity?

Not every part of the stapler. Only the metal part is conducting. The top and bottom surfaces of a stapler are normally made of plastic or rubber, which are insulators. ===========================