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The executor of their estate is responsible for this, an executor is usually appointed by the probate court. They have power of attorney to care for all assets, property and investments.

Local laws and regulations will determine how the executor makes the sale: public auction or private sale, and choice may depend upon whether there are liens on the property (mortgage, taxes, judgments, etc) that exceed the fair market value. A contested will might delay the sale indefinitely.

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Q: How do you sell the house of a deceased person?
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Do you have to pay capital gains tax on your deceased fathers house when you sell?

Do you have to pay taxes on deceased mother's house when it sells

If a collection agency is attempting to collect debt on a deceased person's car loan can they put a lien on the deceased person's house after the estate has been probated?

They would put it on the entire estate of the deceased rather than one item of property so that if there was money that couyld be used to pay rather than have to sell the house.

How long can you leave a house in a deceased person's name if there is no mortgage Who is responsible for the property taxes?

how long can you leave house in deceased name

Can the children of a deceased person sell his personal items to help pay for funeral expenses?

Under certain conditions, it is possible for a child of deceased person to sell his personal items in order to pay for the funeral expenses. However; you need to check for any will written by the deceased person, and you cannot sell property, or luxury items of use unless otherwise specified in the will.

Can you buy a property of a deceased person that has no executor?

You have to buy the property from someone. And the only person that can sell it is the executor.

How do you sell a car from a deceased relative?

An action like that must be handled by the estate. If the deceased has left a will and named an executor, the executor must handle the disposal of any property. If no will was left, the courts will determine what happens to the property.

Can you sell a car were a person died in?

Yes you can sell a car that a person died in. You can sell a house where a person died also.

Taxes on property when other owner dies?

If taxes are delinquent, the county could put a lien on the property of a deceased individuals and sell it. If the property of the deceased person is up to date on tax payments, the house may be given to beneficiaries or listed by a realtor.

Can an illegal alien who got deported sell their house in the US using a power of attorney?

nobody in the U.S. can sell property with a power of attorney unless the person is deceased...for property even being imprisoned the power of attorney is useless.

If a person cosigned for your house then died and you are about to sell the house do any of the family members of the deceased have any rights to the home that you are selling?

If the deceased person only co-signed, that is, lent his credit standing to you so that you would be approved, then the family has no stake in the property. All the co-signer did was ensure that if you defaulted, he would be financially responsible. He never owned the house, so no relative can make a claim against it.

How does probate handle the sale of a home?

If the person who owned the home is now deceased, that person's estate must be probated before the home can be sold. Probate is what authorizes someone representing the estate of the deceased person to sell the home.

Can your siblings just choose to live in the house of a deceased parent if the house is empty and the estate is trying to sell it?

Legally, they cannot live in the house without the consent of the executor of the estate.

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