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you can not send from Pokemon battle reveloution to diamond but you can send from diamond to Pokemon battle reveloution

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Q: How do you send Pokemon from Pokemon Battle Revolution to diamond?
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Can you copy Pokemon from Pokemon ranger to Pokemon Battle Revolution?

No, you can only copy them to Pokemon Diamond, not Pokemon Battle Revolution. But, if you want to, then send them from Diamond to Battle Revolution!

Can you send your Pokemon on Pokemon Battle Revolution to your Pokemon Diamond?


How do you get Dialga or Palkia on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

To get Dialga or Palkia on Pokemon Battle Revolution, you must first catch it in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl and then send it to Pokemon Battle Revolution with a wireless connection.

Pokemon Battle Revolution how to put legendary Pokemon in a WiFi battle?

if you have Pokemon pearl or diamond you can connect 'em up and send legendarys from your ds to Pokemon battle revolution. :)

Why can't I copy Pokemon from my Pokemon Platinum to Pokemon Battle Revolution?

Once you send Pokémon to a file of Pokémon Battle Revolution, that is the only game you can use to send Pokémon. If you want to send Pokémon from your Diamond Version, you will have to start a new game in one of the other files! If you have another DS then you can trade from Diamond to Platinum the Pokemon you want to copy to the Wii if you want them on the same file.

Can you send mystery gifts from Pokemon Battle Revolution to Pokemon platinum?


Can you use FireRed on battle revolution?

No. First you must send your Pokemon over to Sinnoh via Pal Park, and then you can use them (as they will be on Diamond, Pearl or Platinum).

Can you trade Pokemon from Platinum to Battle Revoloution?

Yes, there is a place on the title screen of Pokemon Battle Revolution that you can send Pokemon from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. Your DS sends the Pokemon via Wireless into the Wii! Warning: You can only do it once for each file.

When you send Pokemon to battle revolution can you get them back?

yes u can but u have to put new pokemon in it

Can all pokemon ds games connect to Pokemon Battle Revolution for Wii?

Nope only pokemon dimond and pearl other games like platium can't or heartgold or soulsilver only does so if u want pokemon from does games u have to send them to ur diamond or pearl and then copy them to ur battle revolution.

What can you do in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

You can battle using the wii remote and by winning colosseum matches, you can unlock other colosseums and you receive this special kind of money which you can use to buy clothing and accessories for you chosen character and if you have saved up alot of this money, you can send items you bought on Pokemon Battle Revolution and can send those items to your DS Pokemon diamond/pearl versions. You can send your "team" that you have in your Pokemon diamond/pearl game(s) so you can use your own custom team and make your own battle pass. If you have Nintendo wi-fi connection, you can battle with friends or battle with people from around the world that you don't know, but there are some restrictions with that. You cant use some legendary Pokemon when you are playing with people from around the world that you don't know, so that becomes a problem for some people, but basically, Pokemon battle revolution is a good game to have if you have Pokemon Diamond/pearl version(s) for the Nintendo DS.

How do you copy Pokemon Battle Revolution Pokemon onto a Pokemon DS game?

You can't. You can only send them from the DS to the Wii.

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