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to text a US number form a UK phone, you simply place 001 before the mobile number and then send it.

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How do a send text to US from UK?

by typing in there number[:

How do you text a New Zealand mobile from a UK mobile?

turn your phone on and click send on the message,

How do you send a text message from a cell phone in the UK to Houston Texas?

well u just go on messages click on new message type in what u need to and then send

How much would it cost to send a text message from the Uk to Bulgaria?

Check with your network provider - they have different charges.

How do you text from UK to US?

Assuming the number is already in your phone - simply compose the text, and send it as you would to a UK number. The network will sort out the technicalities of texting overseas !

How do you text message from Australia to UK?

use www.myfacediary.com is free

How do you know how much money you have in your phone?

Your network will provide you with a code, short text message or telephone number to use so you can find out your balance 24/7. So ask your network provider or check out their website. In the UK you would enter (dial) *#10# then send (like making a call then hang up). This will automatically send a text balance to your mobile phone.

What are the numbers at top of text when someone texted you from another country?

Most likely you are referring to the telephone number in international format of the phone from which you received a text message. For example, something like +447700900123 (a fictitious mobile phone number in the UK).

How do you send a text message from US to Europe?

You first need the recipient's telephone number in correct international format. The country code is one, two, or three digits, with a plus symbol in front. For example, the UK is +44, Italy is +39, and Finland is +358. Next is the mobile code, which is like an area code, but in MOST cases you must drop the leading 0 from the domestic area code. For example, a UK mobile phone number beginning with 07456 becomes +44 7456 in international format. On your US mobile phone, enter the phone number in full international format, like +44 7700 900123, enter your text message, and send.

Does texting a UK number from a US number cost like a call?

The cost to send a text from your US cell phone to a UK number depends on the specific plan you signed up for with the cellular company. You need to contact customer service and ask them what the charges are under your particular plan, and whether a different plan might save you money, depending how often you expect to be texting the UK or other countries. Some plans include texts to the UK at no additional cost as part of an unlimited package; other plans charge a hefty fee per text message.

How much is it to send a message from the uk to northern ireland?

It will be whatever your network provider charges ! Northern Ireland is part of the UK !

How do i send a fax from UK to Spain?

0034 and then the Spanish number.

How much does it cost to text Ireland from the UK on vodafone contract?

any international text message up to 160 character will cost you 25 pence including the VAT

Hi you were wondering how you text someone in Sweden from the UK on mobile or cellphones you think ive tried everything also how can the person from Sweden text you what number do i put does she put?

To text someone in Sweden, enter +46 and the number without the first zero.To text someone in the UK enter +44 and the number without the first zero.

How do you text an English mobile in America?

To send a text to a UK mobile, just enter the UK mobile number exactly the same way you would when that mobile is in the UK.If you are using a GSM mobile phone, the most reliable method is to enter the number in full international format. In the case of a UK number, replace the trunk prefix 0 with the country code +44, including the plus symbol. That way, even when you are roaming, the mobile network will automatically insert any needed prefix(es).

How do you send a text message from your cell phone to US?

Just like you would to any other place - by using the right telephone number. For instance if you're texting from the UK to a US phone, you need to use the US country code, and to drop the first zero in the cell phone prefix. If you're texting to a UK phone in the US, simply use the same number as if the phone was in the UK. The network jeeps track of where the phone is. Note that some contracts and prepaid phones might not allow international traffic.

How do you text an french cell phone number from the UK?

add +33 before the phone number when dialing it.

Who sent the first text message ever?

Neil Papworth, on December 3rd 1992 in the UK. He sent 'Merry Christmas' to a colleague.

Can you text someone with the same area code in a different country?

The meaning of your question is unclear. If you are trying to send a text to someone who has the same area code, but that person is currently physically located in a different country, you can send the text the same way you normally do. If the person has roaming service turned on, they will receive your text; otherwise, they will receive it when they get back. If you are trying to send a text to someone who is from a different country, but their cell phone happens to have the same area code in their country that your cell phone has in your country, you can send them a text using the full international number, beginning with the plus symbol and the country code (examples: UK = +44, France = +33, Australia = +61).

How do you text a UK number from an American cell phone?

type +44 (or 0044) followed by the number u wish to take. E.g +44(10digit UK number HERE)

Who were number one in the UK charts on 4 September 1968?

The Beegees with Gotta get my message to you

How do you fax to UK?

Internet faxing has made it possible to send and receive faxes seamlessly nad instantaneously. For online faxing, you need to fill up the destination field with the internet fax number of your recipient (i.e 1234567890@rcfax.com). Your cover page will be set at the subject field. Type in the text box your message or you can make file attachments.

How do you send mobile texty messages to Glasgow UK from Toronto Canada mobile phone?

Just send it as if you were texting a person in your own country. The network knows where each mobile phone is, and will route the text accordingly. If you want to send it manually - remove the first 0 from the UK mobile number - and replace it with 01144. 011 is Canada's international access code, and 44 is the country code for the UK. For example.. say the mobile number for the UK was 07979 797979... from Canada, you would dial 011 44 79 79 797 979 (the spaces are just for clarity).

How do you send free fax via internet to the UK?

For this you should use an online provider that will give you a faxing number and a possibility to send faxes. Be careful when choosing a pack and make sure your pack allows you to send faxes to UK.

How do you send a fax from UK to America?

Prefix the fax number with country code + area code +fax number.

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