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Salt is soluble in water, sand is not soluble; filter the solution.

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Q: How do you separate sand and common salt?
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How will you separate a mixture of salt and sand will it be different if the mixture consists of iron filling instead of salt explain?

we can separate salt and sand by solving the mixture into water salt is soluble but sand is not .

How will you separate a mixture of common salt sulphur powder and sand?

Salt is soluble in water.Sulfur is soluble in carbon disulfide.Sand is insoluble.

How do you separate salt and sand?


How can separate sand and salt?

disolve the mixture in water then filter out the sand. Dry out the salt water to get salt.

How could you separate a mixture of sand and sugar?

Put them in water. Sugar dissolves, sand remains Filter the solution to separate sand and salt. Evaporate solution with dissolved salt to get salt back

How do you separate white sand from salt?


What separate sand and salt solution?


Can sieve and water separate salt from sand?

With a sieve (or more sure with a filter) you can separate a water solution of salt from sand. After the evaporation of water you obtain crystallized salt.

Describe a pocedure that could be used to separate a mixture consisting of sand and salt?

Place the mixture in water and separate the sand from the water if you want the salt. alow the water to evaporate, and you have salt and sand separated.

Can you separate the two substances salt and sand?

i think that add water to the container having salt and sand. then mix well. then separate the sand from water easily and later on boil water to have salt again.

What physical property can use for separate sand from salt?

Solubility ... the salt will dissolve in water, but the sand won't.

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