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Try this webpage. Good luck!

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Q: How do you set new remotes?
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How do you set new remotes for Kia Sorento?

Goto full easy instructions there

How do 4 players play Mario party 8 with 2 remotes?

Have the wii set for 4 players and just share the remotes.

Does the Wii U deluxe set come with remotes?

When you buy the Wii U Deluxe set, it does not come with any Wii (Motion Plus) Remotes but it comes with the Wii U gamepad.

How much is just the Wii remotes?

The official Wii remotes retail (new) at around $15 or £10.

Which Hexbugs Have remotes?

the only hexbugs with remotes are the inchworm (four legged) and the new hexbug spider (despite the name only 6 legs)

How do you charge wii remotes?

They do not get charged you have to put new batteries in them.

Is there a way to clear a factory set keyless entry code?

If you want to change the FACTORY code a new anti-theft control module or RAP module would have to be installed and you would have to get new remotes to go with the change

What should you do if your PlayStation 2 wireless controller won't connect?

Charge it, then try, if that doesnt work, restart the PS2. Make sure that any other remotes are not set to primary, if that doesnt work get a new one.

Can the old Wii remotes be used for the new Wii games?

Of cource they can, you can even add on new features to the bottom of them.

How can a keyless remote be replaced?

You can purchase new remotes online but a dealer or locksmith will need to program it.

Are PC remotes really confortables to use?

PC remotes are no different than TV remotes, on the other hand you may have problems installing or interacting with hardware/software. Think of a time when you had to install a universal remote, it may have a few problems, but it's better than buying a whole new TV/Entertainment system.

How do you reprogram the key-less remote to 94' Camry LE?

The web site that I found for a replacement remote also had instructions for reprogramming it. There are several vendors who sell new remotes and you can find information for programming remotes on the internet.

Why are your Wii remotes not responding to console and there are no lights in remotes even when console is unplugged and replugged or remotes re synced or batteries replaced?

because it is not plugged

Do sky remotes work better than other remotes?

Some people believe sky remotes work better. But when it comes down to it all remotes serve to do the same task and it is personal opinion which remote works better.

How do you program keysless entry remote for a 2001 infiniti i30?

purchase and program new key remotes

How do you prograre your replacement remotes to unlick the doors?

I have no idea what "prograre"means and if I had "Licked" my doors I'd want to know how to "Unlick" them too. If what you're asking is how to "Program new remotes" you should look at the instructions you got with the remotes. If you didn't get any, write to the manufacturer and provide them with the make and model of your car, and the type and serial number of the replacement remote you have.

Are there wall chargers for Wii Remotes?

Yep, there are for Wii remotes that have rechargeable batteries.

Do Wii remotes come with rechargeable batteries?

Official Wii remotes and the third party remotes made by NYKO are not packaged with rechargeable batteries.

The remote control to your DVD player is not working?

Change THE BATTERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or you have to set the code to the DVD. The remotes code should be in the options booklet.

Which universal remote can you use on a Avol TV?

Avol does not program their TV's to use remotes from other companies, meaning if you need a new remote, you'll have to buy an AVOL remote.

How do I use home theater remotes?

Home theatre remotes are similar to regular remotes used on the television. A couple differences are the volume and display control. These are used to better your televisions performance.

You bought a 1998 sable it did not have the keyless remotes you purchaced 2 remotes and followed your directions and they didn t work is there a solution to my problem Thanks Dom?

you can take them back to the place of purchase for replacements. I would go to the dealer they actually set them to your car while you wait.but it costs you can take them back to the place of purchase for replacements. I would go to the dealer they actually set them to your car while you wait.but it costs

Can you reset 2002 ford explorer keypad system cannot program keypad 2 work turnd ignition sw offon 8X locks signal in mode but keypad does not program bcuz messed it up while adding a new keypad?

On my 1997 8x places a new remote and 10x clears all remotes so you can start all over with new remotes.

What kinds of television remotes are there?

There are many different types of television remotes. They have manufacturers remotes that you can purchase per whatever type of television you have. They also offer many different universal remotes which come with codes to program it to work with many different brands of television, DVD player and VCRs.

How do you recharge the Wii remotes?

Put new batteries them Or you can use a charging station for your Wii remotes, they come in single or dual style. Check out the Related Links below for a list of all the Wii Remote Chargers available. Hope this helps.