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How do you set the clock in Honda Civic?

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2008-11-02 14:54:47

just below the clock there is a flip down plastic cover...pop

that down and press the 'min' and 'hr' buttons... That's not how it

worked on my 2006 Honda Civic coupe LX. I had to push the clock

button located next to the "AM" button just above the radio.

Depressing the button for about 5 seconds will make the clock falsh

indicating that the clock can be reset. You can rest the time my

using the large channel keys for the radio/cd player. Two of the

keys have arrows. One key has a "H" and one key has a "M". H

changes the hour and M changes the mintues. Once you have set the

time just push the clock button again and you are done.

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