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You will need to hold down the button. Then you can press up or down in order to get the date to change.

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What are the ratings and certificates for Le gant - 1953?

Le gant - 1953 is rated/received certificates of: Belgium:KT

Where can you find a Le Gant watch?

Ebay! Ebay! I have a le gant automatic wrist watch and just serviced in perfect working condition. if you are interested give me you email and I will respond ASAP I think you can find real solutions online after search there are plenty of dealers and watchseller offering their deals online.

What does le gant mean?

'the glove'

What actors and actresses appeared in Le gant - 2004?

The cast of Le gant - 2004 includes: Tetchena Bellange as Newscaster

What are the ratings and certificates for Le gant noir - 1987?

Le gant noir - 1987 is rated/received certificates of: Belgium:KT

What actors and actresses appeared in Le gant de Maud - 1914?

The cast of Le gant de Maud - 1914 includes: Gabriel de Gravone

What has the author Eveline Le Maire written?

Eveline Le Maire has written: 'L' homme au gant'

How do you change date on Le roc sport watch?

just steady press of reset

What are french words to describe a bathroom?

le lavabo, le miroir, la baignoire, la douche, le robinet : the sink, the mirror, the bathtub, the shower, the tap / faucet le savon, le gant de toilette, la serviette : the soap, the washcloth, the towel

Did LeGant also produce jewelry?

Yes, I have a Le Gant gold plated tiger's eye bracelet -it's very pretty.

Is it la date or le date?

la date (fem.)

What actors and actresses appeared in Le Internet Date - 2009?

The cast of Le Internet Date - 2009 includes: Susannah Thorarinsson

What has the author Evelyn LE CHENE written?

Evelyn LE CHENE has written: 'Watch for me by moonlight'

How do you say watch sport on television in french?

Watch sport on tv:Imperative mood: Regarde le sport à la télé or Regardez le sport à la téléI watch sport on tv: je regarde le sport à la télé

How do you say the date in french?

La date - date (on a calendar) ex. La date aujourd'hui est le 2 mars 2008. Well it depends on the date. If it was April 1 2009, it would be le premier Avril deux mille neuf.

How do you say what is the date in Samoan?

"O le a le aso?" Aso could also mean "day".

How do you say the 24th in french?

le vingt-quatrième (or le vingt quatre if you are speaking about a date of the month)

What is 'their birthday is on' in French?

if by 'their' you mean his/her, then: "son anniversaire est le/l' [date]" if by 'their' you mean a group of people: "leur anniversaire est le/l' [date]

What is the English transltion of the Samoan words 'seki a le keige le'?

This girl is really set.

What is the Italian plural form of la data?

Le date

What does la date de mon annversaire est le mean in french from English?

the date of my birthday is the ...

How do you say i watch basketball in french?

Je regarde le basket-ball

Which date was the maiden cup in 1960 in mauritius?

le 2 september

La fete national is held on which date?

le quatorze juillet

What are the release dates for Cafe American - 1993 Le Date 1-14?

Cafe Americain - 1993 Le Date 1-14 was released on: USA: 11 January 1994