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How do you set the timing in a 1995 Geo Tracker?


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2008-12-07 19:20:00
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First you need a timing light which I assume you have. There is a notch on crank pulley,put a dab of white paint on it. Connect timing light, if off loosen bolt for distributor and adjust accordingly.Manual states 8 degrees BTDC @ 800 RPM. This is also assuming that all other components are in good working condition,timing belt etc.


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You don't, it is controlled by the ECM.

It isn't adjustable. It is controled by the computer

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Assuming a 1.6L engine, timing is generally controlled by the timing belt. Can adjust the timing by loosening the front lower bolt on the distributor and then rotating the distributor clockwise or counter clockwise. Use a timing light to set timing correctly. I believe it is 10 BTDC

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O-Boy !! The engine has electronic ignition. *** NO POINTS ***

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my book says 5 degrees BTDC

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You hold the "rcl" button in and use the "seek/scan button for hours and minutes.

Turn the distributer to the right very slightly

If you are asking where MIL is it is under hood on passenger side Blue/Yellow wire and Black wire. As far as timing notch on crank pulley,paint white, connect timing gun,8 degrees BTDC @800 rpm,if off loosen distributer bolt and adjust accordingly. This is assuming all other components are in working order timing belt etc.

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It is not timed with a timing light. It is set to 0 deg with a scan tool.

Locate the distributor and mark where timing is set at. Loosen the 3 bolts holding the distributor in place. Disconnect any wiring. Pull off the o-ring and install the new one.

There is no timing adjustment on fuel injected models the ignition timing is set by the ECU . Regards:

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