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what are the timing marks on a chev 305 motor for the year 1995.

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Q: How do you set timing on a 305 motor?
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What is the correct timing set for 1987 cheverolt el camino 305 v8 motor?

Disconnect the 4 way plug at the distributor so as to put the computer offline. Set the timing to specs and then reconnect the 4 way plug.

How do you set the timing on a 1998 305 V8.?

The timing is set and adjusted by the Engine Control Module according to driving situations.

How do you set timing on a 351 ceveland?

show me how set the timing on a Cleveland motor

Timing on 1983 Chevrolet caprice 305 v8?

Set timing at 36 degrees at 2000 rpm's

What is ignition timing for 1998 Chevy silverado 305?

The timing on that year engine is computer controlled. It requires an engine scanner to set the timing. YOU CAN NOT USE A TIMING LIGHT.

What equipment is needed to set the timing for a 1983 305?

A timing light and a 9/16" swivel socket to loosen the distributor.

What is the set timing for a 1985 Chevy Camaro V8 305 4bbl?

8 degrees.

How do you set the timing on a 1992 Chevy 1500 2wd 305?

Computer controlled and not adjustable

What should the timing be set at for a 1991 camaro rs 305?

0 degrees btdc

How do you set the timing on a 98 Chevy 1500 305 engine?

That requires an engine scanner.

How do you fill a check?

Separate issue, if you need too set the timing following a timing belt change or belt slippage then you have to set the mechnical timing of the motor. Go buy a Chilton or Haynes manual which will tell you where the marks are and you can properly set the timing before starting the motor.

What is the ignition timing supposed to be set at for 305 engine on this G20 Van?

4 degrees btc

What is the sensor on a 305 Chevy motor right next to the starter?

it is a knock sensor that is used to adjust the ignition timing.

How can you tell if your motor is a 305 or a 350.1991 caprice classic?

Look at your timing scale the 305 times from behind the water pump & the 350 times in front of the water pump.

What is the timing setting for a Chevrolet Small-Block carburetor?

You don't set timing on a carburator or are you asking the timing on the motor

What is the timing to be set at on CRX 1.6 motor?

16deg. BTDC

What is the difference in horsepower between a Chevy 305 and a 350?

Depends on how the motor is set up.

How do you adjust the timing chain on a 1988 kawasaki kz 305?

how to adjust the timing chain on a 1988 kz 305

What is a 305 motor?

G.M's 305 cubic inch V8 motor is a 5 liter

What would you set the timing on for a 91 Chevy 1500 2wd 305?

0 degress top dead center

Where are the timing marks on a Chevy 305?

On the front of the timing chain cover, drivers side towards the top of the harmonic balancer.

What should the timing be set at for a 1998 Chevy pickup with a 5.7 motor?

There is no timing ajustment, Its controled by ECM- Computer.

Should timing be advanced or retard on high performance motor?

Neither. The timing should be set to factory specifications.

What is the RPM to set the timing on a 1979 305 after you get it running?

around 700 to1000 rpms low enough so the centrifugal advance is not going to effect the timing so you are sure your setting base timing

What degree is timing set for 1996 ford 460?

In mechanics books it says to set the timing to 6 DBTDC with a timing light, (Caution: this is with all the pollution stuff on the motor) If you removed the pollution gadgets the timing should be set with a vacuum gauge and the timing will be 12 DBTDC.