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How do you set up receiver?


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Depending on if you have Dish Network Satellite or another provider, visit their website they will have instructions on how to hook up your receiver. Generally, their is a satellite input (coming from the satellite dish) and an output for your TV.

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Maybe there was a problem after you set up the receiver. Try to unplug all the equipment again and restart the connection. go to your audio setting and then adjust the volume for your receiver.

The main pieces of equipment for setting up a second TV on a Dish "dual tuner" receiver include a coaxial cable and an additional remote control. Route each coaxial cable from the individual TV to the main receiver box, and then use the settings on each remote to set the TV preferences.

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As long as the DirecTV receiver does not have a balance and is compatible with your DirecTV antenna you should be able to hook up a used receiver.

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To set the date, the receiver must be in the "Standby" mode. Sources -> Standby Then the date menu item will appear in the setup menu.

Connect the digital audio output of the TV to a surround sound receiver and speakers.

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It is possible to connected a DirecTV receiver to both a computer and a conventional television. However, the receiver is designed to be connected to the television.

The remote receiver in a television set can be located in an infinite amount of areas. To determine where it is, refer to the owner's manual of the specific television.

If you are using the TV's own tuner, connect the digital audio output of the TV to the digital input of the surround receiver. If you are using an external (cable or sattelite) tuner, connect an HDMI cable from the tuner to the receiver, and then connect the HDMI output from the receiver to the TV.

The STR-212 is a stereo receiver made by Sony in the late 80's and early 90's. It is not a home theater receiver, as it has no video switching capability, no digital inputs/outputs and only supports stereo speakers (2 pairs, usually set up in 2 different rooms).

You may not be able to get it to work through your receiver due to the HDMI HDCP copy protection feature. The Starchoice tuners have to be set up to allow the display on your brand of TV and Receiver. If your brand of receiver isn't supported as an HDCP-compliant device, then you won't see a picture. You'll have to connect directly to the TV and run a coaxial or optical digital cable to the receiver for the audio.

Either the equipement came with a users manual to set up and operate the equipemnt or you will need to contact the manufacturer and ask them

To set up your new tv for dish network connect the dish receiver to your television with the type of required coaxial cable. Plug both in with power cords and let your dish box run its scan. The box should automatically set to your television.

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If your surround receiver has HDMI, connect an HDMI cable from the NeoTV to the receiver, and then HDMI out the receiver to the TV. If you don't have HDMI on your receiver, you can connect an optical cable from the NEOTV to the surround receiver.

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