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set time Timex t123s

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Q: How do you set up the time and alarm on timex T123s clock?
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How do you set the alarm on a Timex T276B clock radio?

Hold the #1 or2 mode button til the alarm time flashes then use arrow keys to set alarm time up or down.

How does an alarm clock work?

An alarm clock works by specifying a specific time for an alarm to sound, at which time it is electrically or electronically activated. It is crucial that the clock is set to the correct time.

How do you delete a alarm clock on your phone?

Its easy all you have 2 go clock and then you click on time you set your alarm clock and press delete all the the time you set your alarm clock and then you delete it and all of your alarm clock set timer will be deleted and then the time on your phone will go back 2 the way it was

How does an Internet alarm clock work?

An internet alarm clock works the same as a normal alarm clock just it is based on the internet. You enter the time you wish the alarm to go off and as long as your computer is turned on and connected at the time then it will sound the alarm.

How did Mrs Dubose use the alarm clock?

Each time her alarm clock goes off, it's time for her to take her medicine.

How do digital alarm clocks work?

A digital alarm clock uses electronic means to keep accurate time. When the user sets the alarm to a certain time, the clock contains a speaker that sounds an alarm at that time.

Is there an alarm clock on an iPhone?

Yes there is! There is an alarm clock! If you like, go to clock, then press the symbol (which is an alarm clock, then click the addition sign put in your settings (e.g time) and click Done.

How does an alarm clock know what time it is to start ringing and when to stop?

An alarm clock knows exactly what time to start, by remembering what time you had said to start ringing, and the average alarm clock stops after 1 minute (60 seconds.).

What time is on the LEGO Alarm clock?


What was the first alarm clock made to do?

To tell time..

which alarm clock allows you to set a different wake up time for every day?

Digital Zen Alarm Clock will let you do that.

What did mrs dubose do with the alarm clock?

Mrs. Dubose uses the alarm clock so she can take the morphine and also its the time that Jem will leave.

What does an alarm clock help you to do?

It wakes you up at the time you set it to

What gets you up in time for school and work?

an alarm from your alarm clock, iPod, phone etc.

How do you set an alarm clock on your zune?

uhm i dont think you can set an alarm clock, but you can have a clock on your zune. go to settings and scroll till you see clock, click 'show clock' to yes and set the time to either 12 or 24 hour setting then set your time

How do you set the alarm on a Timex T308S clock radio?

Hold the time set button on the back until the time flashes, then use the buttons on the top with the double arrows pointing right and left to change time time (advance and reverse). Same thing works for setting the date.

How do you get your child to wake up on time?

I would suggest an alarm clock. ;)

How do you set Android tablet time alarm?

go to apps...find clock on the alarm clock icon in lower left corner and there you will find alarms with many different settings. in ICS just tap below displayed time to set an alarm.

What is the technological system for an alarm clock?

GOAL: wake somebody up INPUTS: alarm set, clock with battery and working PROCESS: the clock arrow moves as the time passes OUTPUTS: the clock arrow reaches the set time FEEDBACK: the alarm clock alarms making a sound and somebody wake up I think that is it:) just got that question for the science HW

How does a digital alarm clock work?

You set the time and the screen shows what time it is.. Simple

How do you set an alarm on your digital alarm clock?

most of the time you will have to press a button that says alarm and it will give you an unfinished time and then you have to click the select buttons until it gets to the right time and then you click alarm again

How does and iPod alarm clock work?

iPod alarm clocks works by docking an iPod or iPhone into the device. Then the user sets a time for them to wake up. The clock then plays a preselected song or sound at that time. This device allows the user to have the big sound of the alarm clock with any of the songs on their iPod.

How do you set the alarm on GE cd clock radio 7-4801A?

It is fairly easy to set an alarm on a GE cd clock radio 7-4801A. Hold down the alarm button. While doing this, you will want to change the time shown. this will be the time the alarm goes off. Finally, turn the alarm on.

Mrs dubose alarm clock?

The alarm clock of Mrs Dubose tells her when she can take her next dose of morphine. So every time the alarm clock starts ringing she tells Jem and Scout to go home because she wants to take the morphine...

How does the alarm on your Nintendo DS work?

When you turn on your DS, tap the DS icon on the bottom (middle). Tap the Blue icon, then tap the clock. Make sure the time is correct. Press A to confirm. It should say "Time setting saved". Tap the Alarm Clock and set the time you want the alarm to start. Then press X to turn the alarm on. You can also tap the alarm clock at the main screen (Bottom-Right corner) to turn it on.