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many ways. you can preach, you can draw, paint, play music, or just worship God and praying. anything that praises God makes Him happy

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Why did Jesus recruit disciples?

to share the gospel

How to share the salvation to otherpeople who did not Christ in her lives-?

To share salvation to other people who do not have Christ in their lives share the Gospel and the story of Christ.

What is the purpose of church choir?

The purpose of the church choir is to help uplift the congregation, and to share the gospel of Jesus.

Similarity of blues and gospel music?

Both have a religious origin, and share similar underlying rythems and enunciation styles.

I am a gospel song writer are you interested in new songs?

Are you still offering Gospel songs? Are you copyrighting yer music? I am writing and copyrighting Gospel songs and would like to get some exposure for others to listen to them..what have you learned? maybe we can share info.. not necc'y to share songs..I write contemporary and simple songs. I would mail out a CD if you know how to get them listened to and protect your rights. send msg, POCO7

Why does the church help in the local community?

The early Christians did not expect people to come to them to hear the Gospel; they went out to share with all who would receive. We have no right to expect or insist that people come to church to hear the good news of Jesus, so we must share the Gospel with people where THEY are. Therefore, we need to be involved with the community at large.

How is the message of J Jesus being carried out today?

we, christians, are Jesus' disciples, we are supposed to share our faith and tell everyone about the gospel.

What young missionary traveled on horseback despite pain from his illness to share the Gospel with the Indians?

joseph smith aka captain smith

Why did the christian brothers come to Australia?

The Christians came to Australia to share God's love and to preach the gospel to help souls get saved.

Do members of an Eastern rite and the Latin rite accept and live by the same gospel values?

Eastern rite and Latin rite Catholics both belong to the same Church under the leadership of the pope and share the same Gospel values.

How do you let a Jehovah's Witness know you are not interested and would like them to leave?

In a kind manner share the biblical gospel of Christ and offer them literature!

Is Mario in heaven?

i wish. that would so cool! sadly, he is only a video game character, and has no soul. beside, how would you share the gospel with him?

How can Pentecostalism share the gospel to Seventh-day Adventists?

As Seventh-day Adventists tend to be knowledgeable about the Bible and believe they have the Gospel (not to mention traditionally being missionary-minded), the idea of someone else needing to share the Gospel with them might be met with surprise. Seventh-day Adventists believe in the death of Jesus Christ as the sacrifice for sin, by which all may be saved, through faith, not to mention the imminent physical return of Jesus, so which gospel would they be receiving that they don't already believe? In fact, several important doctrines are shared between the Pentecostals and Adventists.

Is Andrew's gospel in the Bible?

No, there are only 4 gospels: Gospel of Matthew Gospel of Mark Gospel of Luke Gospel of John

How do you Share Gods Love?

God's Love is truth, so to share His Love is to share His truth - that His Son Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins so that we may have eternal life with God. In a world of darkness we need to be the light to the world, reflecting light from Christ, preaching the gospel to the world.

Which Gospel is called as Ecclesiastical Gospel?

gospel of matthew

Who has the shortest gospel?

The shortest gospel is the gospel of Mark.

What are the benefit of spreading good news?

For Christians, the Lord Jesus said we are to share the Gospel to all people and all nations to the ends of the Earth. The Gospel, his teachings the Bible is called the Good News. Since we are told to do this, we should do it, we should obey Jesus (God)

How many gospels are in a protestant Bible?

Gospel by Matthews, Gospel by Mark, Gospel by Luke and the Gospel by John.

What does it mean to be a missionary?

It means that you go out and share the gospel to others who don't know of it, and it is often done on a mission trip. My father went on a mission trip to Columbia.

What did Jesus share with others?

Jesus came here to share the Gospel, which means 'good news'. If you have a Bible, go to John 3:16. He died on the cross for OUR sins! and told us that He loves us. Also see Romans 10:9.

Where is the gospel taken from what section of the Bible?

The gospels are the first four books of the New Testament: The Gospel of Matthew, The Gospel of Mark, the Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of John.

What is the first gospel found in the bible?

According to the bible the first gospel found i it is the Gospel of Matthew, it has a total of 28 chapters in it, this gospel is followed by the gospel of Mark.

What are the release dates for Gospel Good Gospel Bad Gospel Ugly - 2012?

Gospel Good Gospel Bad Gospel Ugly - 2012 was released on: USA: 8 April 2012 (premiere)

What gospels were not included in the Bible?

Some of the gospels that were not included in the New Testament are:Marcion's Gospel - simply known as "the Gospel", but substantially based on what is now known as Luke's GospelGospel(s) of Bartholomew (There appear to have been two distinct versions)Gospel of the EbionitesGospel of the EgyptiansGospel of the HebrewsGospel of MaryGospel of MatthiasGospel of the NazareansGospel of Nicodemus (also known as Acts of Pilate)Gospel of PeterGospel of PhilipGospel of the SaviourGospel of ThomasGospel of TruthMost of these were gospels from the Gnostic branch of Christianity, and were rejected by the proto-Catholic-Orthodox Church, since the theology was usually very different from its own. Although the Gospel of Thomas contained much material that was comparable to the accepted gospels, it was regarded as being basically a gnostic work.