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Hydrating with lots of water, getting good excercise, and eating healthy--especially iron-rich foods like leafy greens (spinach) and red meat--should help you manage the severity of your period, even if they might not make it shorter. You might want to avoid caffeine, excess salt, and alcohol, too, to help stay hydrated. [[User:Cotko|Cotko]]OR[[User:Cotko|Cotko]] You can't, you will need to get hormones from the doctor.

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How can you shorten your menstrual period naturally beside using the pill?

There is no way to shorten your menstrual period, certainly not naturally. For the record the pill doesn't shorten your menstrual period either, it works by stopping your menstrual cycles all together so you don't ovulate and thus don't menstruate - the bleeding women get on the pill isn't menstruation but a withdrawal bleed, it can be shorter but it is a totally different function.

What can you do to shorten your menstrual period?

get on the pill

Does lemon shorten your menstrual period?

Clarification needed: do you mean eating it, drinking it, or...?

Does water shorten your period?

No, water doesn't shorten your period - although drinking plenty of water is very healthy, and the more healthy you are the less likely you will experience menstrual problems such as excessive bleeding.

How do you shorten menstraul period?


How do you quicken periods?

Menstrual periods can last 3-7 days. An easy way to shorten the length of a menstrual period, is to take a form of hormonal birth control.

How to shorten your menstrual cycle?

exercise for hours.

How do you prepone menstrual dates naturally?

To prepone menstrual dates naturally some people use herbal remedies. To avoid menstrual periods one only needs to put oneself in an extremely stressful environment but it is extremely unhealthy to do so as the menstrual period is required to remove the unused lining inside the uterus.

What is another word for menstrual cycle?

This called a period to shorten it and make sound more plesent than menstrual cycle. this is often a term used by non professionals for more information go to and post this qeistionflow; menses; menstruum; period

Do birds have menstrual period?

No, Birds have no menstrual period...

Can a 63 year old woman get pregnant naturally?

Unlikely, but possible. If she is still having a menstrual period, yes.

When does mother missed menstrual period?

mothers miss menstrual period when she is pregnant.

What is the First menstrual period known as?

The first menstrual period is known as "menarche".

What is the abbreviation for the last menstrual period?


Does birth control shorten periods?

It just depends on what type of birth control you are using. There are some that don't interrupt the cycle at all; others, such as the depo shot, that stop the cycle all together, and others that shorten the period, and help lessen menstrual pain.

Do chocoloates delay menstrual period?

No chocolates do not delay your menstrual period or have any impact on your menstrual cycle. Your menstrual cycle is controlled by hormonal changes, not by what you eat.

What is the period in the menstrual cycle in which the unfertilized egg and the lining of the uterus leave the body in the menstrual flow?

You've sort of answered this question twice in the question itself! "The PERIOD in the MENSTRUAL cycle which the MENSTRUAL" The menstrual phase aka menstruation or period.

What is a period that girls have?

Menstrual Period

Will douching shorten your menstrual cycle?

The application of douching solutions will not alter menstrual cycles. Menstrual cycles are however influenced by age, genetics, hormonal activity and even lunar cycles.

Can fish have menstrual period?

Fishes do not have menstrual period. The whales and dolphins are mammals. But they also do not have menstruation.

When is the mid-cycle of a menstrual period?

Menstrual period refers to menstruation or your period, which is the start of your menstrual cycle. If you're referring to mid-cycle then midway through the menstrual cycle is typically when a woman would ovulate.

Can plan b shorten your period?

Plan B is a pill that can work to prevent pregnancy in an emergency situation. It is not known to shorten the period.

Can you swim while on your menstrual?

Yes, you can swim on your period or do anything else you want on your period.You do however need to use internal menstrual products to swim on your period:TamponsSoft tamponsMenstrual spongesSoftcupsDiaphragmsMenstrual cups

If I don't have enough body fat to get my period can I still get pregnant?

IF you do not get a period, then you cannot become pregnant. Usually, after the ovum and the uterine wall breaks down and you have a period, the cycle begins anew. However, not getting a period could mean that you are not going through the menstrual cycle and are effectively sterile. After menopause, you no longer experience a menstrual cycle and thus, can no longer bear a child (naturally). Not experiencing the menstrual cycle means that you cannot become pregnant.

Can you swin on your period?

Yes, you can swim on your period or do anything else you like on your period.To swim on your period you need to use one of the following menstrual products:TamponsSoft tamponsMenstrual spongesMenstrual cupsDiaphragmsSoftcups

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