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The natural thing to do when someone cares about another person is to show affection and show the other person how much we really care about them. Now there is such thing as too much affection.. now this happens when one of the people restrains the other from doing things they would normally do or being too controlling of the other's freedom. It's best to show that we care but not to over do it by stopping the other from enjoying life. We can't rule anyone elses life and we have to let each other have our own space. Being a couple doesn't necessarily mean always being and doing every single little thing means that you will spend time together but not at every second of everyday. We all need our space and our freedoms. It's important not to control anyone and not to try to get someone to do everything that we always want to do. How do you show affection without smothering him? Well, let him have his space. Don't be too controlling and pushy for things that you want. Hope this helped...good luck! Viola.

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Q: How do you show affection without smothering him?
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