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This should not pose to much of a problem as long as you have the caliber of the bullet,the muzzle velocity, and the BC (ballistic coeffiecent).If you are shooting factory ammo all this info and bullet drop tables can be found on the back of the ammo box in some cases.If this is not listed then you will need to shoot your ammo over a bullet chronograph and find out the muzzle velocity of the bullet in feet per second (FPS).This will determine the amount of hold over at 100yrds so the bullet will impact at point of aim at 200yrds.If you are willing to give me the cartridge you are shooting and bullet weight,I have the bullet tables to tell you how high to place the bullet at 100yrds so you have a dead on impact at 200yrds.

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Q: How do you sight in a rifle scope for 200 yards when you only have 100 yards to shoot?
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How far can you shoot an m16 rifle without a scope?

The bullet will go just as far regardless of what sight you're using. But taking aim will get harder and harder w/o a scope. 300 yards should be doable but Marines are trained to hit targets at 500 yards, it just depends on experience.

How do you sight in a gun scope?

Do an internet search on "rifle scope sighting procedures"ANS2:Sight in at 25 yards for most centerfire rifles. If you have a bolt action, sandbag the rifle and pull the bolt then sight through the barrel at the target.Take off the scope's turret caps and dial the scope in to where the cross-hairs in the scope are centered on the target.Replace the bolt and fire a round at the target.Read the scope manual to see how many inches one click of the adjustment screw is worth and make that adjustment. Some people prefer to do elevation then windage, I like to do both simultaneously since it saves ammo.Repeat until you are consistently hitting the target.Replace your scope turret caps.Your rifle will now be sighted in for 25 yards and 100 yards.

Side mount scope how do you sight it in?

im pretty sure you sight it in like every other scope as long as you keep the parellax in mind. sight in at 75 yards

How do I sight in my rifle scope using a 100 yard distance to find out where I need to shoot for a 200 yard zero. I am using PPU ammo 243 Winchester 100 grain cartridge?

Assuming that you are using a scope, which places your line of sight higher above the barrel, at 100 yards the bullet should hit 1.6 inches ABOVE your aiming point. At 200 yards it will have dropped to the aiming point. At 250 yards it will hit about 3 inches BELOW your aim point. That is for a 100 grain .243. Other bullet weights will, of course, have a different path. Great deer cartridge. Shoot safe, shoot often.

How do you fire 30-06 rifle at 1000 yards?

after a great deal of practice and a powerfull rifle scope.................

Will a .270 Winchester rifle sighted in for 35 yards shoot accurately at 600 yards?

The rifle might, the shooter wont.

On the 7.63x54r rifle what does the numbers on the sight go by?

Meters or yards depending on who made it.

How far can a 22 caliber air rifle shoot?

Depends on the rifle. Accurately? About 50 yards max.

How many yards can a 270 Howa rifle shoot?

1500 give or take.

How far can a 22 long rifle shot?

From a rifle, about 1.5 miles- but they can shoot ACCURATELY about 100-150 yards.

Reading the rear sight on a 1950 British 303 rifle?

graduated in yards out to 1600 yds with a 'battle' sight graduated to 300 yds

What caliber rifle will shoot 1000 yards?

Everything fron 22 LR to 50 BMG.

How long can a rifle shoot?

Depends on the rifle. A .22 is accurate to about 100 yards, can fire a bullet about 1.5 miles. A .338 Lapua is accurate to about 1500 yards, and can fire a bullet ABOUT 5 miles.

Is the distance of 1000 yards or one click in map reading the same as one click on a sniper rifle scope?


How far will 30-30 rifle shoot?

Accurately? About 200 yards. Total? A few miles- but with no accuracy.

How far will a 30-30 shoot accurately?

ABOUT 200 yards, depending on rifle, ammo, and what you call accurately.

What are some good suggestions for a 22 long rifle scope up to 300 yards for under 250 dollars?


How do you sight in a rifle with a scope?

Start at 25 yards. From a stable shooting position (benchrest, prone) fire 3 shots at the target. Determine where the bullets hit- high, low, left, right. The scope will have adjusting knobs under the two caps at the center of the scope. Turn the knobs to move the strike of the bullet in the directions indicated on the knobs. After adjusting scope, refire, and adjust again as needed. Once zeroes at 25 yards, move to 50 yards, repeat. For a .22 rifle, 50 yards is standard zero. For larger rifles, after zeroing at 50, move to 100 yards. Be sure to replace the adjustment knob caps when zeroed. If you are hunting in an area where shots longer than 100 yards are common, you might want to consider sighting your rifle in at 200-400 yards depending on the rifle and its maximum effective range. I owned a Ruger model 77 seven mag. fitted with a Tasco World Class 3x9x50mm scope that I consistently sighted in at 250 yards because I hunted on a farm where I could see 3/4 of mile in three directions. Longer range sighting is problematic, and may not be much more effective.

How far will a 357 bullet shoot from a rifle?

Accuately, about 150 yards. How far can it travel with no accuracy? About a mile and a half.

How far can a 22 rifle shoot?

Accurately? About 100-150 yards. How far can the bullet travel? About 1.5 miles.

How far can a m4 rifle shoot?

Depends on the Caliber and grain of bullet. You can shoot a .22 m4 accurately probably 100-150 yards. Then with the 5.56/.223 round can be shot 600-659 yards accurately.

What distance range can I expect to get from a Zeiss rifle scope?

The distance range one can expect from Zeiss rifle scope can vary depending on the model. For example, the Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x44 can give a distance range of up to 100 yards.

How far do rifles shoot?

Have fast can a car go? Depends on the car- and your question depends on the rifle. A .22 rimfire can shoot ACCURATELY about 150 yards, or about a mile maximum (no accuracy) A .50 Barret can shoot accurately over 2000 yards, or maximum of about 5 miles.

What distance best to sight in deer rifle?

100 yards is the most effective distance to sight in primarily. However, if you know the distance your rifle will be performing at, then sight in as close to that as you can. For instance, if you are going to be hunting open land i.e Wyoming, then youll most likely want to be set in at 200 considering typically, you will be shooting longer distances. For regular white tail hunting, 100 yards is perfect.

What distance should you sight 22 rifle in for squirrels?

Most .22 rifles are sighted at 25 yards. Some may be sighted for 50 yards, depends on your hunting. Try 25 yards, and hold higher for longer shots.