How do you sight in a rifle scope for 200 yards when you only have 100 yards to shoot?

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2011-07-18 16:22:06

This should not pose to much of a problem as long as you have

the caliber of the bullet,the muzzle velocity, and the BC

(ballistic coeffiecent).If you are shooting factory ammo all this

info and bullet drop tables can be found on the back of the ammo

box in some cases.If this is not listed then you will need to shoot

your ammo over a bullet chronograph and find out the muzzle

velocity of the bullet in feet per second (FPS).This will determine

the amount of hold over at 100yrds so the bullet will impact at

point of aim at 200yrds.If you are willing to give me the cartridge

you are shooting and bullet weight,I have the bullet tables to tell

you how high to place the bullet at 100yrds so you have a dead on

impact at 200yrds.

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