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Go to the account from meniu of Nokia n9 and you will see your Skype account. Enter and in the bottom of the page in right part of the phone you will have a little square with 3 multiple lines. From there you can log out from Skype.

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How many mega pixel the Nokia N9 camera have?

Well The Nokia N9 Has 8 Mega pixels. Hope This Helps, Skye.

How do you install Skype for Nokia 6300?

can i install skype for nokia 6300

Can you download Skype for Nokia x201?

Nokia will destroy skype sorry

Does Nokia Asha 303 support Skype?

No it does not support skype calling...... The problem is skype is not supporting nokia

Does Skype works on Nokia C3?

No, you cannot get Skype on the Nokia C3-00

Can you install Skype in your Nokia 6120?

no. u cant use skype in Nokia 6120 C

What is better iphone4s or Nokia n9?

Iphone4s is much better.

Is video calling possible through Skype on nokia E5?

can i do video call from skype in nokia e5

Can you use Skype on nokia n70?

i am use skype in nokia n70 but note video calling whay

Does Nokia Asha 501 support Skype?

As of June 2013 the Nokia Asha 501 does support Skype.

What are the best Nokia cell phones?

The best Nokia cell phone is the Nokia N9. The N9 is a cross between the previous model, the N8, and an IPod Nano. The software runs very smooth, the touchscreen functionality is very easy, and the user interface is very user friendly.

Does the Nokia E72 have a Skype video call?

plese tal me skype how vido cal

Can you use Skype video calls by nokia e71?

no, but u can make audio calls on skype... and the best thing u can do is never ever buy a nokia....

Is the n9 Android?

no its a linux based MEEGO device.. and forget official android on nokia phone...

Can i install Skype in E66 nokia mobile phone?

can i install skype in GFIVE G 9000

Can we use Skype in Nokia E52?

i have a nokia e52 i want to run video call on it how it is possible

How you can download Skype on Nokia 6600?

Skype wont support nokia 6600 , it didnt even support many android phones why would it support such old phone.

Does Skype work on an android?

Yes, you have to download the, "Skype" app from the market and sign into Skype there.

How do you sign up to the Skype?

Download Skype from their website (google it.). Then, run the application. It will immediatley provide you with a registration form, which you can use to sign up. THE SKYPE

Does skype works on nokia x3-02?

No, it doesnot works................

Can you use Skype with Nokia n8?

Yes, But only as a phone call. No video chat((( But, Nokia N900 can do video chat

How you sign up for Skype?

Go to Skype.comClick on 'Join Skype'.

How do you sign out of Skype?

Click 'File'Click 'Sign Out'

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