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Q: How do you skip Google account sync?
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How do you find sync settings for Android?

To obtain your sync settings for Android, you will have to sign in to your Google Apps account.

How do you skip sighning into Google when sighning into youtube?

YouTube is currently connected to Google and uses your Google Account to login to the website. So, you can't really skip signing into Google when you sign into YouTube because you must be logged into your Google Account to login to YouTube.

How do you pair iPad and Samsung Galaxy s to share contacts?

use the google sync on galaxy to sync contact on gmail and then on iPad use exchange account using gmail as ur account to sync contacts on ur iPad.

If you sync your iPhone with Google Calendar will you lose everything on your iPhone calendar?

No. Absolutely not, just add your Google Calendar to your iCal app (Settings --> add Account -->Account type "Google") on your Mac and then set in iTunes to sync this cal to your iPhone as well. You'll see two separate calendars on your iPhone and will be able to manage them separately as well.

How do you add Google account in Android OS?

Goto Settings and select Accounts and Sync then select Add Account under manage accounts (may vary from phone to phone)

Should you sync Google to chrome?

You could sync Google accounts to Chrome. This can be done by the people's tab in the Settings.

Does the Android OS sync with Outlook?

You can sync Android OS with Outlook. There are both free and paid apps to do it. Please see the related links for more details. In addition, if you have Google Calendar installed, and your version of Outlook is newer, you can go to the app's Settings, and from there choose the account (in this case Outlook) that you want to sync to your Calendar.

How do you download Gmail calendars onto a blackberry?

Google offer quite an array of there products in a mobile format. I would suggest the easiest way to have gMail Calenders on you handset would be to visit '' for US/Canada and '' for the United Kingdom, do this using your Blackberry Browser. You should be presented with a link to download the 'Google Updater' application for Blackberry and with this you simply install the packages you would like to use and enter your Google Account details. With Google Calenders you also get the ability to Syncronise with your Blackberry calender but unfortunatly at this moment in time only information can be retrieved FROM Google and not placed to.

Transfer contacts from Iphone to lotus notes?

You can sync contacts to Google, and then, using a sync tool like AweSync (, sync them to Lotus Notes.

How do you delete an msn account?

You can't. What you can do, though, is make a new account and sync it on your computer.

How do you transfer contacts from iPhone to Mac?

There are four ways: 1) (Recommended) Use Apple's MobileMe service to automatically sync your contacts, e-mail, calendar over the web and access them online on any Mac, and download them to your Mac to use with Mac applications like Address Book and Mail. 2) Sync contacts to your Google account to use with Google services like GMail and Google Voice. 3) Sync your iPhone with your Mac using iTunes. 4) You can use free app for both iPhone and Mac

How does the game sync on Pokemon b or w?

You use your computer to game sync with yr DS and must have a account