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I have found that putting a soft pillow under my hips and a pillow between my legs help me sleep better. I still have to rotate during the night but atleast that way I can sleep. Also, another one while on your side, if you straighten your bottom leg or atleast not have it all bent up and then your top leg bent up and lean forward from your side to more of the front side of your hip like you're about to sleep on your stomach. But you're not. (because you're not supposed to) this position helps give the hip bone a rest and also is more comfortable when you are used to sleeping on your stomach. If the pillow pushes against your stomach, just adjust it so you're laying on the edge and your belly goes between the pillow and the mattress. Hope this works for you as it has me.

*** :

A good pillow and comfortable mattress are always number one on the list. You might try sleeping with one or two memory foam pillows under certain parts of your body. And after that just roll around a little bit until find a comfortable position. Its best to just explore and find out whats right/comfortable for you.:)

*** : I have found that it is comforting to have my husband next to me, not sleeping the same way, but close, to be able to lean back against him. Try to put a fortress of pillows behind you, if he is unavailable. The leaning forward to almost laying on you stomach thing has seemed to work as well. As stated above. Good Luck, get as much rest as you can, because you wont rest once the baby comes.

Using your husband is awsome, but in cases like mine... your husband might be an ass! ha ha I took a long tube-sock filled it with rice, heated it up in the microwave and then put that between a pillow and my back. The heat and support helps alot. Give it a try, best of luck.

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Q: How do you sleep comfortably when you are pregnant?
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