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Q: How do you slow or speed up the pendulum?
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What happen to the time period if its lenght of the pendulum is changed?

If the length of a pendulum is increased, the pendulum will take longer to complete a swing, and the clock will slow down. Shortening the pendulum will speed up the clock.

How do you slow down a pendulum on a regulator clock?

There is a nut on the bottom of the pendulum to adjust the speed. Turning it clockwise speeds it up, counter clockwise slows it down

What is the slowest moving point in a pendulum swing?

There two equally slow points- the upper ends of the swing are zero. The pendulum swings as far up as it will go, and as it reverses to swing down again, the speed is (very briefly) zero.

Why do Slow down and slow up mean the same?

I think you mean slow down and speed up. slow down =slow, speed up=fast

Conclusion of simple pendulum experiment?

Only the length of the pendulum has an influence on the pendulum's speed, not the mass or angle of it. Although if the pendulum is red it may blow-up depending on its status.

What factors will cause a pendulum to slow down and eventually stop?

pendulum's slow down during summers because the pendulum expands and it moves faster during winters because the pendulum contracts

A slow running pendulum clock can be sprreded up by?

A slow pendulum clock is sp[eeded up by decreasing the effective length of the pendulum. The weight on the pendulum is usually mounted such that it can be slid up and down the swinging arm. Sliding the weight up slightly decreases the effective length of the pendulum, and slightly increases the rate at which the clock runs. It should be done only in tiny adjustments, because the size of the change might not even be noticeable until a day or two later.

Does sugar slow you down or speed you up?

speed you up

Do gas particles speed up or slow down when heated?

They speed up.

Why does a pendulum eventually slow down and stop swinging?

The pendulum will lose energy, due to friction.

Will humid air speed up or slow down the rate of transpiration?

slow up

Does the PNS slow down or speed up HR?

slow down