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The first island was Early Poptropica. There is a solution at the related question below.

There are also links to other Poptropica solutions at the second question.

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What case on Poptropica?

how to solve the case on Poptropica

Anything about Poptropica?

Poptropica is an online website in which children can go on adventures. They try and solve various mysteries for tokens and other prizes. When they beat an island (level) they move onto the next.

How do you solve counterfeit in poptropica?

you do evertyhople

How do you fight in Poptropica?

You don't really fight in Poptropica. You just solve mysteries and such

Where is the medaleon in Poptropica?

If you solve an island, you get a medallion.

How do you get the nose ring on poptropica?

solve the labrynth

How do you solve the steam battery on poptropica?


How do you solve Ghost Story on Poptropica?


What is so cool about Poptropica?

poptropica is awesome because you can get stuff and solve mystery's. I love poptropica because i love mystery's.

How do you beat the islands on skullduggery on poptropica?

solve the mystery

How do you finish the viking level on Poptropica?

get out of my face there is no viking level on poptropica soccer i cant belive you fell for that

How do you solve the bone puzzle on poptropica mythology island poptropica?

Make the bones form the word "TEN"

What was the first Poptropica island?

early poptropicathe first island was early poptropica

Do you get a medal for the haunted house on Poptropica?

I dont think you can unless you solve the one puzzle with all the items by the boiler... You would have to see. Solve all the puzzles first then see if not then I dont think you can.

How do you get past astro kights on poptropica?

you solve it by use in you tube

How do you solve twisted thickest island on Poptropica?

a new game ....................................

They don't make a level 30 on Poptropica?

poptropica doesn't have leveles it has islands.

How can you start over on a level on Poptropica?

you can

When did Poptropica first start?

It first opened with Early Poptropica in 2007.

What island is first on Poptropica?

Early Poptropica Island was the first to be created

What was the 1st Poptropica island?

The first poptropica island was early poptropica. :)

How do you solve level 82 in soko flash game?

ur such a loser! how 2 solve level 82

Free Poptropica account?

A poptropica account is free but members are 3 dollars a month. Good luck with poptropica and have lots of fun with all the islands (solve them all too!)

Where is mainstreet on Poptropica?

main street on poptropica is in early poptropica the first island

Where is the castle in Poptropica?

Well truthfully, it depends, their is a couple of islands that have castles on them, but if you want to know about the castle in Vampires Curse, you have to solve a few things first before you get to it.