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How do you solve the of the chamber on seven island?

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To get in there use cut

To get in there use cut

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Where to find regi ice Sapphire?

Regice will appear in the Island Cave on the bottom floor after you solve the Sealed Chamber Mystery.

What chamber do you solve the puzzle in LeafGreen?

If you are talking about the Unown Dungeon, then go to Seven Island, then go south. Once your in, head east then south. Find the rest of the way there, it's a puzzle game :) (Hint: You need Strength to get there.)

How do you get an unknown in pokemon leafgreen?

in the cave with the statues on the 5 or 6 islandYou go to the Tanoby Ruins. You must solve the puzzle in the Tanoby Chamber.

How do you get to the hidden chamber on cinnabar island?

There is no hidden chamber on Cinnabar Island. There is a hole on top of Cinnabar Island, but you can only look at it. You cannot enter it to access any secret chamber.

In which chamber can you catch unown o?

After you've completed the strenght puzzle, you can catch them in all of the tanoby rooms on seven island.

What happens when you move the rocks on six island Pokemon leafgreen?

you mean seven island, well if you solve the puzzle you will be able to catch the Pokemon unown in the tanoby chambers.

What is in the tonoby chambers in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you must first solve the puzzle in that little rock chamber and then each chamber has a unknown in it

What is a braille chamber?

A braille chamber is a puzzle which you must solve in order to unlock certain Pokemon, such as Regice, Regirock or Registeel.

How do you solve the mysterys of the ruin on seven island?

you must have mystery gift to do it... also you need to have 386 shyny's.. (that means from bulbasaur to deoxys)..........

Where is the hidden chamber on cinnabar island in SoulSilver?

There is no secret chamber on Cinnabar Island. Although there is an obvious hole at the top, it does not lead to a secret chamber. The hole cannot even be accessed, but only walked around.

What do you do on seven isle in Pokemon FireRed?

There is 4 things you can do on this island: Capture new pokemon, Train your current team, Try out Trainer Tower in the northern region of the island, Solve the Tanoby Key puzzle to obtain the pokemon Unown from the Tanoby Chambers. Trainer Tower is optional if you can complete all the floors you will be rewarded with nice items like king's rock, Tanoby Key is a cave hidden nearby a Cooltrainer couple if you can solve the boulder puzzle inside you can capture the pokemon Unown inside Tanoby Chamber which are set at the southernmost part of the island.

What happens after you solve tanoby key in fire red?

The Tanoby Ruins at the southern part of Seven Island will become infested by the Pokemon Unown.

Where is the fourth chamber on poptropica?

it is in shark tooth island

Where is the 7 Kanto gym leader?

on Chamber Island

How do you find the Pokemon called Unknown in the Seven Chamber?

you have to check all the chambers and then when you fi ish battling this guy on this island, he'll say pelicular pkmn are waiting for you and then when you head back to the chambers, unown of all letters will appear in every chamber.

How do you solve 9- 2 equations?


Where to find the gem on seven island in Pokemon leaf green?

Its not on seven island its on six island.

What to do on island 7 on FireRed?

There isn't much you can do on seven island besides training your pokemon, you can go to the north and test your pokemon's skill against the trainer tower. In the south you have to solve a mystery that allows you to capture a pokemon.

What do you do after you solve the puzzle on Astro Knights Island?

after you solve the puzzle on the meteorite planet, click on it.

How do you solve the garatna puzzle?

which puzzle is that which island is it on

Where is the medaleon in Poptropica?

If you solve an island, you get a medallion.

How to solve this equation 1x7?

When you separate the characters in the equation, you see one and seven separated by an X. You can solve the equation by multiplying -- the function of X -- one times seven: the answer is seven.

On route 105 why will it not let me in?

You need to solve the puzzle in the Sealed Chamber in order to unlock the areas where the Regis are located. The Sealed Chamber is found by diving on Route 134.

How do you get past the sand chamber on nabooti island?

you just be cool and relax

How do you get out of the first forest chamber on red dragon island?

go around it