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by clicking the 1st one,then the 3rd one, and finally the 4th one

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Where is the shavel in nabooti island?

In the Giza but you have to sell something to the middle guy in nabooti islandGOT IT

Where is vince on poptropica?

nabooti island giza

Where is the tomb on Nabooti Island?

The tomb is inside the Sphinx at Giza, on Nabooti Island. (see related question)

How do you get past the cowboy on Nabooti Island?

No cowboys on Nabooti Island. The masked men at Giza are tomb robbers. Get the blue lily from Blue Nile falls and swap it for a turban at Nabooti. Wear it when you go to Giza.

Where do you get the blue gem in nabooti island?

its in the tomb in giza.

What do you do in the Giza Pyramid in Nabooti Island?

you get the blue gem

Where is the lever in the pyramid at Giza on Nabooti Island?

There are levers that reset the block puzzle (right there), and the sand room (at the left side), but only if you fail the challenge.

In Nabooti where is Toom of Geeza?

On Nabooti Island, the Blue Jewel is in the Mummy Room of the Sphinx at Giza.

How do you get past Giza on nabooti island?

(*The question is not how to "get past" Giza, but rather how to beat it. See the related question.)

How do you get to Giza on nabooti island?

Get the map from the museum and go to the plane. Fly to Giza (at the top of your map of Africa).

How do you get the ninja to stop whacking you in giza on nabooti island?

Put on your turban.

How do you pass the falling rocks in Giza on Nabooti Island?

You jump over them.

Where is the Sphinx Statue on Nabooti island?

The Sphinx is at Giza on Nabooti Island (Egypt is in north Africa). The blue jewel is in the tomb beneath the Sphinx.

How do you get the Giza hat on Nabooti island?

Get the "desert turban" by picking the Blue Lily at the Blue Nile Falls. Swap it for a turban at Nabooti. You will need to wear it when you travel to Giza.

How do you get the jewel from the tomb at Giza on Nabooti Island?

Use the Moonstone to enter the Sphinx, and solve the three challenges there. The Blue Jewel is in the Sphinx.(see the related question)

Where is Giza on Nabooti island?

Get the map by accepting the quest in the museum. Giza is at the top right of your map, in the north of Africa.

Poptropica nabooti island it won't dig where the turtle was?

Get the shovel from Giza, Egypt.

How do you pass the scorpion Giza on Nabooti Island?

Make friends with the scorpion and play with it

What do you do with the Egyptian Blue Lily on nabooti island?

Take it back to Nabooti and trade for a turban (you might want to wear it at Giza).

How do you complete the temple on nabooti island?

The Sphinx at Giza has four challenges to defeat in order to get the Green Jewel. To enter the tomb, or solve the challenges, see the related questions.

How do you you open the door at Giza on Nabooti island?

To enter the chamber at Giza, place the Moonstone from the knapsack in the setting atop the Sphinx.

Where is the blue jewel on nabooti island?

The blue jewel for Nabooti is in the tomb inside the Sphinx at Giza. (see related question for solution)

How do you complte nabooti island?

Well... I know how to get past all of them but Giza. but... i forgot sorry. :(

Where is Blue Nile Falls on Nabooti Island?

It is at the upper right of Africa, below Giza.

How do you get past the wall in Giza on nabooti island?

jump as high as you can till you reach the top.