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It's simple. Just install a fuel pump shut off switch. all you need is a simple toggle switch from your local parts store. Find the wiring harness leading to the pump. Cut the wire and connect the switch. You can install it where ever you like.

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What does gen mean?

Generationif you mean 1st gen 2nd gen then its the generation of car. the years they were made the first gen is the first set of years the car was produced. 2nd gen is the 2nd next batch of years the car was produced.

What is the difference between the second iPod and the third iPod?

-The 2nd generation comes in 8,16, and 32gb models and the 3rd comes with 8, 32, and 64gb -2nd gen iOS is up to 4.2, 3rd gen iOS can do OS 5 and beyond. -3rd gen seems to be faster than the 2nd gen (don't get a 8gb model 3rd gen. they just rip you off and actually give you a 2nd gen model. 3rd gen 8gb IS the 2nd gen 8gb.)

What Pokemon names start with the letter X?

The Pokémon confirmed to start with the letter X are Xatu, from the 2nd Gen., and Xerneas, from the 6th.

Can you substitute an IPod touch second gen digitizer for a third gen digitizer?

a 2nd gen digitizer will not work for a 3rd gen

What is the diffrent between ipod touch second gen and 3 gen?

the 3rd gen has a better processor speed than the 2nd gen

Are iPod Touch 2nd gen same size as 3rd gen?

I think

Does 2nd gen itouch screen fit on 3rd gen itouch?

Yes it does.

Will a 1991 rx7 alternator fit on a 1988 rx7?

No. 88 is a series 4 2nd gen and 91 is a series 5 2nd gen.

How do you know if you have a 2cnd gen nano or a third?

the 2nd gen dont have touchpad it has scroll wheel that moves the 3rd gen has touchpad

What year did they stop building dodge challengers?

1st gen - 1974, 2nd gen - 1983, current gen is still in production

Can you use an adapter from a 2nd gen nano iPod on a 4th gen nano iPod?

yes, you can

Is corei32100 a 2nd gen processor?

Yes !

Which gen of ipod touch is the best?

2nd and 3rd gen are pretty much the same thing and they are both better than the first gen

Will a third generation ipod shuffle cable charge a second generation shuffle?

as far as i know, no. ipod shuffle 1 gen. had usb/cable itself in the bottom and i heard after ipod shuffle 2nd gen, Apple changed data+/data- something. so basically ipod shuffle 3rd, 4th gen's usb cable can share but 2nd gen usb cable is just for itself. 3rd gen = 4th gen 2nd gen NOT = 3rd gen

Will they be making a remake of the Hoenn games for dsi?

It is unknown, but since 3rd gen had a remake of 1st gen (FR/LG) and 4th gen had a remake of 2nd gen (HG/SS), then maybe 5th gen will have a remake of 3rd gen.

What years were Novas made?

1962-1979, 1st gen '62-'65, 2nd gen '66-'67, 3rd gen '68-'74, 4th gen '75-'79.

Which is better ipod touch 3rd gen or second gen?

2nd generation because you can jailbreak it easier

Where to get treeco in silver?

You cant get treeco in silver its a 3rd gen Pokemon and silver is based on the 2nd gen

Can you ring off a iPod touch second gen?

No you can not ring off a ipod touch 2nd gen

How do you know what version your i-Pod touch is?

If it has a camera built in, it is the 4th Gen. If it has a customizable background it is the 3rd Gen. If it is the same as the 3rd Gen. but no custom background it's the 2nd Gen. If it sucks, it's the 1st Gen. :)

Can you get app store for the 2nd gen ipod?

yes you can

Is it possible to multitask on an ipod touch 2nd gen?


Does gangstar rio work on 2nd gen ipods?


Does the itouch 2nd gen have motion sensor?


Where can you get an ipod touch for 130?

for that you can get a 2nd gen out of eBay