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How do you solve y - 3 equals?

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y - 3 = 0

y = 3

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How do you solve -2x plus y equals -3 and -x plus 2y equals 3?

x = 3 and y = 3 Form a simultaneous equation and solve by elimination.

How do you solve linear equations when the given is x equals -3 y equals 5?

If you already know that x = -3 and y = 5 what linear equations are you wanting to solve?

How do you solve y equals 2x-3?

To me, this looks solved but of you want it in parametrics, y = -3 +2t (teR)

3y equals ab solve for variable y?

3y=ab. Divide by 3 to get y=ab/3

How do you solve xy equals 3?

If you're solving for x, then x = 3/y.

Solve using substitution x plus y equals 3 and y equals 9?

Since the second equation is already solved for "y", you can replace "y" by "9" in the other equation. Then solve the new equation for "x".

How do you solve 4x-2y equals 10?

You need more information to solve for x and y. One answer is x=3 and y=1.

How do you solve y equals x-2y?

add 2 y to each side, divide by 3 and you get- y = x over 3

Solve and graph y equals 3 plus x?

The given equation y=3+x is a linear line with the slope of 1 and y-intercept of 3.

What is the x and y intercept of x-3 y equals 9?

Set x=0, solve for y, which is the y intercept: 0 - 3y = 9 --> y = -3. Set y=0 and solve for x = 9 for x-intercept.

-3 plus y equals 17 plus 1?

-3+y=17+1 im assuming solve for y?-3+y=18 add 3 to both sidesy=21

How do you solve x plus y equals 2?

Y equals 1 and X equals 1

How do solve 3 over 6 that equals y over 10?

cross multiply 3/6=y/10 30=6y y=5

If y varies directly with x and y equals 6 and x equals -3 find y when x equals 4?

y/x is a constant; so first of you can solve for this constant. y/x=6/-3, or y/x=-2 y/4=-2 y=-8

How do you solve x plus y equals 3?

To solve the equation you need to know at least a value for x or y. For example if x = 2 then the solution will show that y = 1.

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