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Since Latin pre-dates the German language, the closest thing I could come up with is "Chatti" which means "Germanic"

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How do you spell Latin?


Latin word for Spell?

Carmen is the Latin word meaning spell

How do you spell swakeleys in German?

the same way you spell it in German

How do you spell to in Latin?

To in Latin is tu.

How do you spell 59 in German?

How do u spell fiffty nine in German

What language are the spells in Buffy said in?

Alot of them aren't in a real language it is made up. some are latin and the spell in gingerbread is in german.

What is the ancient way to spell wolf?

The Old English word was 'wulf' the German was 'wolf' Old Norse was 'ulfr' and Latin was 'Lupus'

How do you spell the name Silvia in German?

Silvia is of Latin origin and a common name in Germany. It can be spelt Silvia or Sylvia and is pronounced 'Zilvia'.

Is German based on latin?

While German does contain words borrowed from Latin, it is not "based on" Latin the way Italian is.

How do you spell why in Latin?

The Latin word for why is 'cur.'

How do you spell German in German?


How do you spell the number one in German?

"Eins" is how you spell the number "one" in German.

How do you spell 'two' in German?

Zwei is how you spell two in German.

How do you spell quueen in latin?

first learn how to spell it in English now in latin queen= Regina

How do you spell street in German?

You spell it "Straße".

How do you spell death in Latin?

Death in Latin is mors.

How do you spell Maria in Latin?

The Latin spelling is "Maria".

How do you spell how in German?

The German word for how is wie.

How do you spell why in German?

The German word for Why is Varrum

How do you say today in French German and Latin?

french: aujourd'hui german: heute latin: hodie

What is German means in Latin?

If you mean: how do you say Germany in Latin: Germania. If you mean: what does "german(us)" mean in Latin: common or germane.

Is German heavily rooted in Latin?

No. German has a few words that have Latin origins, but since it is not a Romance language, the Latin influences are not common.

Spell Sarah in Latin?

Latin uses the same alphabet as English. You would spell it the same way.

How do you spell what in German?


How do you spell Hannah in German?

Hahnah is how spell Hannah in german, i should know, my name is Hahnah. :]