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How do you spell Louisiana Purches?

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The correct spelling is Louisiana Purchase (1803).

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the Louisiana purchase was when George Washington got a offer from napoleon the leader of France to sell Louisiana to the US for 15 million dollars and george washinton agreed to it because Louisiana was a good way for US to grow and their was a important trade center there at the time

Stephen Purches was born on 1980-01-14.

The state is Louisiana, the southernmost section of the original Louisiana Purchase.

The state in the southern US is Louisiana.

I think you are asking how to spell the state of "Louisiana". Be sure to always capitalize the "L".

The capital city of Louisiana is Baton Rouge (from French meaning red stick).

Nope you have to purches it at a store or online

This is how u spell {FACE}BY:Tyanna branch 13 years old from Houma ,Louisiana

The state where New Orleans is located is Louisiana.

The correct spelling of the southern state is Louisiana.

The correct spelling is "Louisiana" (U.S. state).

It looks like you are trying to spell Lafreniere. This is a surname and can also relate to Lafreniere Park in Louisiana.

you purches it at the bike shop for 100,000,000 bucks

That is the correct spelling of Acadiana, the French Cajun region of Louisiana state.

Baton Rouge (meaning 'red stick' in French).

The important oil industry location is Port Fouchon on the SE Louisiana coast, at the SW (lower) end of the barrier islands that include Grand Isle.

The proper noun, a US state, is spelled Louisiana (for King Louis XIV of France).

Debit shares in companyCredit cash /bank

Joell mcghee purches it and bought it for 8,000,892

The proper name, for towns in Louisiana and Texas , is correctly spelled Winnsboro. The town in Indiana is spelled Wynnsboro.


Danny Purches retired to Sydney, Australia many years ago. To this day he has retained his amazing voice and is an extroadinary artist and author of children's books (under another name).

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