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What goverment approved the Louisiana Purchase

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What body of water and what landform are the eastern and western boundries of the territory gained from the Louisiana Purchase?

The Louisiana Purchase had a western border of the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River on the east.

What government body has to approve the president's choices of cabinet members?

The executive branch approves the president's cabinet members.

Which government body has the power to approve or reject?

I'm persuming your talking about rejecting or rejecting the law in which te answer is the house of lords

What is the largest body of water in Louisiana?

the largest body of water in Louisiana is the pacific ocean.

Congressional body that must approve presidents ambassador selections?

The Legislative body, specifically the Senate, must approve the president's ambassador selections. This is true for other presidential appointments as well.

Which is the large body of water that is south of Louisiana and west of Florida?

The gulf of Mexico is the large body of water that is south of LOuisiana and west of Florida

What body of water is south of Louisiana and west of Florida?

The body of water to the south of Louisiana and west of Florida is the Gulf of Mexico. It is a part of the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the large body of water on Louisiana' s border?

The southern border of Louisiana is the Gulf of Mexico.

What does ratify mean in politics?

Simply, it means to approve. It generally refers to some sort of large governing body approving of something such as a bill, an econimc motion, or something as drastic as a new system of government.

What is the congressional body that must approve the president's ambassador selections?

the congressional body that approves the president's ambassador selections is the SENATE

What are the most important financial and military powers granted to congress in the constitution?

Congress must approve, or modify and then approve ( and quite possibly modify again and approve) the National Budget. Congress is the only political body with the power to declare war.

Three-fourths of the states must approve an amendment for it to become part of the Constitution What two assemblies can approve a constitutional amendment in a state?

The first is the states legislative body can approve the amendment. The other is the states consititutional convention delegates are authorized to approve the amendment. The full details can be found in Article Five.

What body of congress must approve a treaty that the president has negotiated and the fraction of the vote they must approve it by?

I believe the Senate needs to vote two-thirds for it, in order for it to be an active treaty.

What large body of water is bordered by Texas Louisiana Mississippi Alabama and Florida?

The body of water that borders the coastlines of Texas,Louisiana,Mississippi,Alabama,and Florida is: Gulf of Mexico :)peace

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