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How do you spell apology?

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That is the correct spelling of the noun apology (an expression of remorse or regret).

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Is apology spelled right?

yes, that is how you spell apology ;)

How do you spell appology?


How do you spell apolgy?

The word is spelled apology.

How do you spell apolige?

The correct spelling is apology.

How do you spell apolgige?

It is spelled apology, or apologise, depending on which you meant.

How do you spell aplogiy?

The spelling is apology (a statement of remorse or regret).

How do you spell I own you an apologizy?

The phrase is spelled "I owe you an apology."

Is this how you spell alpoolge?

I think the word you mean may be "apologize" or "apology"

How do you spell appoligey?

The correct spelling is apology (statement of regret or remorse).

How do you spell the word appoligy?

The correct spelling is apology (an expression of remorse or regret).

How do you spell apllegetically?

The correct spelling of the adverb is apologetically (in apology, regretfully, remorsefully).

How do you spell apoloigies?

This may be one of these two forms of the noun apology:apologies - (plural noun) more than one apologyapologize - (verb) to say you are sorry, to express regret

What is Pseudo-apology?

false/fake apology

How do you spell the name Morgan in Japanese?

I think the answer is モーガン I think that is it. If it is wrong I owe you an apology Hope this helped. :)

How do you spell sourie?

Here are some possibilities:sorry - an apologysoiree - (French soirée) a formal evening party

What is the meaning of a Apology Poem?

what is a apology poem

What is the sentence of apology?

What you did was hurtful, but I accept your apology. Please accept my sincere apology for the pain I caused your family.

What kind of sentence is thisplease accept your apology?

The sentence, "Please accept our apology." or "Please accept my apology." is a request. Because the implied subject of the sentence is you, if you used "your apology" the sentence would actually be "You please accept your apology."

How many syllables are in the word 'apology'?


How do you ask for an apology?

When a person asks for an apology, they should be direct. A person has to make sure that it is the right time to ask for the apology. They should also be ready to explain why they want an apology.

Sentences with apology?

An apology makes ones mistakes to be forgiven

What is an adjective for apology?

The adjective related to the noun apology is apologetic.

Can you give a sentence using the word apology?

you owe me an apology.

What is the correct way do an apology or offer an apology?

function of wonder?

Is apology spelt like this?

Yes, apology is the correct spelling.

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