How do you spell auntie?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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English spelling: auntie

Ortográfico español: tía

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aunties, if you mean plural.

but if you mean your aunty possesses something, it would be your aunty's

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The spelling is either aunty or auntie, and would normally be capitalized

(Aunty, Auntie) if used as direct address or for a specific person.

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Q: How do you spell auntie?
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How do you spell Auntie Krista in German?

Tante Krista

How do you spell different ways FOR AUNTIE?

There is a word "ancestors", meaning your family lineage or progenitors.

How do you spell auntie when sending a card to a nephew?

The most common spelling of the word is Auntie, though Aunty is also used occasionally.

How do you spell great auntie in french?

it's feminine (of course) so it's...l'arriere-tata (great auntie), l'arriere-tantine (great aunty) or l'arriere-tante (great aunt)

How do you spell more than one auntie?

Aunts. People normally refer to their "auntie" as just aunt (at least where I'm from) , so that might help you remeber the plural form. Aunt with an "s"

Is Katie price an auntie?

No she isn't an Auntie

What is the spanish word for auntie?

auntie = tía

How do you spell anuty?

The word sought may be one of these:annuity - a financial instrument, money invested over timeaunty - variant of "auntie" (one's aunt)

Is auntie capitalize at the beginning of a letter?

Auntie is capitalized when it precedes a person's name. Example: Dear Auntie Carol, Her Auntie Luisa is attending the meeting tonight.

What actors and actresses appeared in Auntie - 2013?

The cast of Auntie - 2013 includes: Marcia Burrowes as Auntie

Who was auntie lou in carries war?

Carries auntie

How would someone spell aunt tee?

I've seen it spelled either "Aunty" or "Auntie". I think the second one is probably more correct, since it didn't get underlined by the spell check program and the first one did.