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Blond": refers to as the color, whether it is blond hair or blond paper

eg. The man has blond hair.

Blonde": is used as a noun for a woman or girl with blond hair; sometimes used in a sexist way or slang terms

eg. That blonde is beautiful.


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Annabeth does have blond hair in the series of books. In the movie she has brown hair because the actor has brown hair. She should have blond hair.

She has Blond Hair Or A Golden Brown Blond Hair,

I have brown hair but blond pubic hair

Yes, there are Jews who have blond hair.

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'Blondey' is spelled 'Blonde' and 'Blond' is spelled 'Blond'.

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No, he did not have blond hair, but he did have blue eyes.

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because he wants his hair blond?

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It turns blond if one uses the dark to blond hair dye.

i have blond hair,too.i don't have armpit or leg hair that's black

Niall's hair color is like a blond or dirty blond. but most likely to be blond.

yes you can put blond hair dye in dark brown hair

Yes, the offspring might either have blond hair or black hair or it could be a dark blonde which would be a mix

Not always. The color of the hair on your head does not have to match the rest of your body hair.

Everyone has at least two genes for hair color, but brown is dominant. If both parents have Brown-Blond genes, then they will have brown hair (because it is dominant over blond), but the child could get one blond gene from each parent and thus be Blond-Blond, and thus be blond.

In order to change blond hair to brunette, you must get hair dye and dye your hair the color you want.

Blond hair is the second rarest hair in the world but, red is top most rare hair color.

If they have blond hair on their head, then they have blonde hair everywhere.

Hair color has no gender. A 'blond' is a person with blond hair, no matter their gender.

her hair is a mid blond colour now it was originally brown then turned to dark blond now she has mid blond hair but that's not her real colour hair :)

Yes, she hasn't got long blond hair. She has got short blond hair.

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