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According to OED, that is 'close-out' .

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Q: How do you spell closeout?
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Where do I find closeout patio furniture to purchase?

This time of year most stores are not going t have closeout prices on patio furnature. Your best bet for closeout prices now would be online at websites like or patiooutdoor.bizrate.

What can one expect at a closeout sale?

Closeout sales typically occur when a retail store is closing and wants to liquidate their merchandise or when a store has excess merchandise that they want to sell. One can expect greatly reduced prices on a variety of items at closeout sales.

What do you call a soccer shutout?

shutout or closeout

Sample grant closeout letter?

A sample grant closeout letter will obtain information about the grant. The information will include who the grant belongs to and the benefits of the grants.

Is closeout one or two words?

it should be hyphenated: close-out

What is different about closeout bats?

Closeout bats are a type of bat designed to hit fast pitches. They're lighter in design but just as strong, making their impact on swinging speed minimal.

When would a store typically have their closeout sale?

A store would generally have a closeout sale when a product of a certain type is not selling well, store relocations or when a business is struggling and has resulted in bankruptcy.

Is closeout merchandise generally a good bargain?

For the most part a closeout merchandise is generally a good bargain because of the need for the merchandise to be sold. The seller usually puts the merchandise at prices that can't be beat.

Closeout procedures that include managing air force funds are what?

All of the above

Who can tell me online store that sells closeout running shoes?

I can't say which website would be best to find a good deal for closeout running shoes. But I did find some in and in if you would like to try.

When does monitoring and evaluation of a project take place?

It takes place from the project approval to closeout.

What are some differences between windows dedicated servers and closeout servers?

Closeout servers are shared servers, thus they have less available resources for each user. Closeout servers would only allow the customer to host some less demanding applications, such as a website, whereas a Windows Dedicated Server would allow the person to host anything from Voice over IP channels to game servers.